Senior Fund

It is a tradition at Brunswick for each Senior Class to provide a meaningful parting gift to the School. This substantial gift from each senior parent commemorates and celebrates the years their son enjoyed at Brunswick. Most years have achieved 100% parent participation. Gifts to the senior fund may be eligible for a matching gift if your employer participates in such a program. For a list of matching gift participant companies, click here.

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  • The Class of 2023

    Brunswick has embarked upon a truly aspirational initiative this year, as the school sets out to enhance the entire Upper School campus. The Class of 2023 Senior Gift Committee — co-chaired by Linda and Joe Delgado (P ’19, ’21, ’23), Susie and John Riehl (P ’23), and Michele and Tyler Wolfram (P ’18, ’23) — has decided to devote its efforts to the financial support of this visionary effort. The money raised will have a profound, lasting, and exceptionally positive impact on the education and preparation of all Brunswick boys for generations to come.

    The Upper School campus will be truly “transformed,” and that wonderful transformation will spark and celebrate the healing and nourishing experience of the highest quality of interaction among our boys and faculty — in the classroom and well beyond.  

    Pledges made to the Class of 2023 Senior Gift will be counted toward Brunswick’s Upper School enhancement project — one of the four major areas of concentration of the “Ever Stronger, Ever Brunswick” Capital Campaign. In recognition of and gratitude for efforts to support this transformation of the entire Upper School campus, as well as to honor and pay tribute to your graduating sons, a new and central café on the Pettengill Campus will be named for the Class of 2023. 

    Each and every contribution to the 2023 Senior Fund will help to make this goal for Brunswick a reality.  

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  • Click here for a list of the 2023 Senior Fund Committee members

    Linda and Joe Delgado, Co-Chairs
    Susie and John Riehl, Co-Chairs
    Michele and Tyler Wolfram, Co-Chairs
    Meaghan and Brett Barakett
    Emily and Chris Burns
    Clare and Dave Butler
    Suzanne and Jim Cabot
    Kristen and Ryan Donovan
    Barb and Jeff Erdmann
    Ali and Pat Fels
    Jenny and John Klein
    Angela and Rob Michalik
    Caroline and Bradley Mock
    Kristen and Peter Mullen
    Dara and Tim O'Hara
    Betsy and Ed O'Reilly
    Brigid and Bill Ohlemeyer
    Sheryl and David Sorbaro
    Vicky and Frank Williams

Past Senior Fund Gifts

The Class of 2022 Senior Fund raised $2.06 million to endow the operation, staffing, and programming of the Brunswick Career Center.  

The Class of 2021 Senior Fund raised over $2.0 mm for two important initiatives: 1) The construction of ten cottages at the Vermont campus, as well as a separate bathroom and shower facility 2) $500k was allocated for annual scholarship support.  

The Class of 2020 Senior Fund raised $1.5 mm towards the purchase of 45 Patterson Avenue.


The Class of 2019 Senior Fund raised $1.6 mm to construct the passageway connecting the Lower School and Middle school campuses.

The Class of 2018 Senior Fund raised $2.0 mm to name the Manor House on our new Middle School campus. The Manor House provides housing for nine of our faculty interns.  


The Class of 2017 Senior Fund raised $1.8 mm to name three of the four new houses built on the back field of the Maher Avenue Campus, increasing housing options offered to faculty and staff.  

The Class of 2016 Senior Fund raised $1.08 mm to increase housing options offered to Faculty and Staff.  

The Class of 2015 Senior Fund raised $1.3mm to endow a distinguished visiting lecture series for faculty.
The Class of 2014 Senior Fund raised $943,000 to renovate the commercial space on Sherwood Avenue to create additional faculty housing.
The Class of 2013 Senior Fund raised $1.6 million to endow the Faculty Summer Institute. The institute will provide new benefits in both compensation and opportunites for professional enhancement for faculty beginning in 2014.

The Class of 2012 Senior Fund raised $1.32 million for the Faculty Housing Fund, supporting the additional purchase of housing for the faculty.

The Class of 2011 Senior Fund raised over $1.2 million to support the purchase of additional housing for our faculty.

The Class of 2010 raised $875,687 to name the Upper School Art Gallery in Brunswick’s Center for the Arts.

The Class of 2009 Senior Fund endowed a full scholarship and created The Class of 2009 Cosby Scholar by raising $801,790 in honor of beloved faculty member, mentor and coach, Robert L. Cosby.

The Class of 2008 Senior Fund exceeded their $1,000,000 goal and named the Upper School main entryway glass atrium.

The Class of 2007 Senior Fund raised $1.2 million for faculty housing on the Maher Avenue campus.

The Class of 2006 endowed "The Class of 2006 Award for Program Excellence" and met its Senior Fund goal of $1,000,000.

The Class of 2005 raised $583,210 to endow the Class of 2005 Lecture Series.

The classes of 2004 and 2003 both designated their gifts to build faculty homes on the King Street campus. Each class met or exceeded it goal of $750,000 and $650,000 respectively with 100% participation.

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