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  • Doug Burdett

    The beauty of the first BFI was its clarity and efficiency. Not only do we get to consider what we do every day and how and why we do it, but we also did so guided by a purposeful pair. The timing (early summer) is both horrendous (flowers are abloom, fish are migrating, eyes are heavy etc) and perfect: everyone in the program is in the same boat and the past year is as fully fresh as it could ever be.
    The exercises were varied and applied nicely to each division, as well as to the school as a greater entity; everyone gained by learning what we all do. That must be a primary strength of this place, underlying some of the other shine.

    Nicely, I have found myself every day in class re-viewing my teaching habits – some (many?) of which are stagnant – and trying to see if there is a fix. I bet each person from the pilot class is undergoing some form of introspection, and that has to be benefitting the teaching quality here.
  • Kevin Landesman

    I had the privilege of participating in the Brunswick Faculty Institute Pilot this past June. For me personally, the best part of this experience was having the opportunity to interact professionally with Brunswick faculty members from different divisions and academic disciplines. Due to the geographic limitations of our campuses, such interactions are rare during the normal school year. I left the pilot experience inspired and motivated to try new things in the classroom, such as the implementation of new technology and project-based learning and assessment. The Brunswick Faculty Institute provides a comfortable environment in which to learn from the expertise of our peers, and in the process, to explore ways in which we can improve and enhance our own teaching practice.

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