Meet the Team

Development Office

List of 8 members.

  • Photo of Thomas Murray

    Tom Murray 

    Chief Advancement Officer
  • Photo of Meghan Gould

    Meghan Gould 

    Director of Development
    203.242.1225 x2228
  • Photo of Krista Bruce

    Krista Bruce 

    Annual Giving Director
  • Photo of Binney Huffman

    Binney Huffman 

    Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations
    203.242.1225 x2215
  • Photo of Hayley Philip

    Hayley Philip 

    Special Events and Administrative Coordinator
  • Photo of Linda Miller

    Linda Miller 

    Database Manager and Development Associate
  • Photo of Lisa DiGirolamo

    Lisa DiGirolamo 

    Executive Assistant, Business Office
    203.242.1220 x2265
  • Photo of Patricia Meloni

    Patricia Meloni 

    Development and Career Services
    203.625.5800 x7104

Communications Office

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Daniel Griffin

    Dan Griffin 

    Director of Institutional Communications
  • Photo of Michael Kennedy

    Mike Kennedy 

    Associate Director, Institutional Communications; Upper School English
  • Photo of Wayne Lin

    Wayne Lin 

    Associate Director of Communications, New Media
  • Photo of Craig Rusnak

    Craig Rusnak 

    Associate Director of Communications (Content Management & Design)
  • Photo of Michael Catenacci

    Michael Catenacci 

    Creative Video Producer
  • Photo of Riley McCarthy

    Riley McCarthy 

    Assistant Director of Communications & Social Media
  • Photo of Angelique Bell

    Angelique Bell 

    Assistant Director of Communications

Alumni Relations

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Zachary Dobbs

    Zach Dobbs 

    Director of Alumni Relations
  • Photo of John Schlank

    John Schlank 

    Alumni Engagement Associate
    203.625.5800 x2267

Brunswick Career Center

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Paige Montinaro

    Paige Montinaro 

    Director of Career Services, Brunswick Career Center
  • Photo of Nancy Sarnoff Williams

    Nancy Sarnoff Williams 

    Career Center Associate
    203.242.1225 x2266
  • Photo of Patricia Meloni

    Patricia Meloni 

    Development and Career Services
    203.625.5800 x7104

Brunswick School Greenwich, CT

  • Upper School
    100 Maher Avenue
    Office: 203.625.5856

    Lower School
    1252 King Street
    Office: 203.485.3670
  • Middle School
    1275 King Street
    Office: 203.242.1202

    Pre School
    1252 King Street
    Office: 203.485.3652

Main Phone: 203.625.5800
Business: 203.242.1220 
Alumni: 203.242.1223