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Consistent with the idea of preparing boys for a life of learning and growth, we offer numerous opportunities to study in high-caliber programs throughout the United States and abroad. These partnerships offer intense academics, while also allowing for experiential education, site-specific study, and new understandings of the proverbial “classroom.”

Students typically study “away” during their junior year, although it is possible that sophomores and even seniors could choose to do so. Most programs offer standardized testing and assistance with the college process in conjunction with Brunswick’s own college office.

In the last four years, our students have studied in Spain, China, Italy, Colorado, and the Bahamas for either the entire academic year or a semester. In recent years students have studied in Jordan, Italy, China, Washington, D.C., Maine, Vermont, Colorado, and the Bahamas.

Feel free to contact Jon Kapticanos with any questions about the program.

Off-Campus Study Programs

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  • Semester Schools

  • School Year Abroad (SYA)

    School Year Abroad is the only secondary-level program which allows students to live with a European or Asian family for an entire academic year while earning U.S. graduation credits and preparing for selective U.S. colleges and universities. Founded in 1964 by Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., SYA is supported by a consortium of 40 top independent schools across the country. 
  • Arabic Year (AY)

    Arabic Year at King’s Academy (AY) offers high school students one year of intensive Arabic language study, Middle Eastern cultural immersion and experiential learning.

    The program is designed for students in grades 10 through 12 who want to learn Arabic and explore the history, politics and culture of a vital part of the world. Students enrolled in AY are part of King’s Academy.

    AY allows students to gain fluency in Arabic, soak in the history and culture of the Middle East and “learn by doing” through off-campus educational excursions in Jordan and the region. Students accepted into the AY program must be committed to the work necessary to access a difficult language.

Contact Us

Jon Kaptcianos
Department Chair, Off-Campus Study
203.625.5800 x 5840

Student Testimonials

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  • Andrew Floersheimer '16

    The Mountain School, Vermont
    "I did not know that my life was missing something when I first went to The Mountain School. It is so much more than just a school. I think that deciding to go to have new adventures, for example going to The Mountain School, is one of the best and most important choices a student can make in terms of learning and fulfillment."
  • Anson Mersereau '14

    SYA China
    “For us to be economically competitive and diplomatically capable, we, as students, will have to develop global literacy. That’s why I’m here and that’s why I suggest programs like SYA.”  Watch video >
  • Chris Barnett '13

    SYA Italy
    “Being in a foreign culture and language has helped me to gain a more well rounded perspective on the world and life that simply would not be possible in America.”
  • Teddy Lamont '12

    The Island School, Eleuthera, The Bahamas
    “The Island School constantly challenged me and gave me a sense of enormous accomplishment. The environment was incredibly supportive and motivating; my friends from all over the country were there for me around the harkness table, during the research symposium, half marathon, and the 8-day kayak.”
  • Luke Lorentzen '11

    Zaragoza, Spain
    “My year abroad in Zaragoza, Spain was without a doubt the best year of my life. Not only because of the experiences I had each and every day, but more importantly because of who I was when I came home.”

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