Orient Express

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The Orient Express Middle School E-Magazine takes its name from the train known as the Orient Express. The train’s influence on the world was a cultural revolution in the 19th century, connecting Western and Middle Eastern cultures. We chose this name to show that our magazine’s message is about connection and to spread cultural diversity by teaching people about the Middle East’s unique culture. The train was a prime example of cultural diffusion, as it allowed both European and Middle Eastern cultures to connect and interact with each other. The Orient Express Magazine hopes to teach its readers about Middle Eastern culture and help connect the West and the Middle East, just like the original Orient Express did. We hope to create a positive image of Middle Eastern cultures with our e-magazine that focuses on cultural diffusion and interaction. By bringing this idea to the school community and the Internet, we hope that students, as well as faculty, will be able to learn more about the Middle Eastern world. We will also be making a concept with which not many people are familiar more well known in the classroom and across the world.
-Ali Hindy '21

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