Robert L. Cosby Scholarship Fund

The Robert L. Cosby Scholarship Fund honors the memory of a beloved teacher, coach, mentor and friend to generations of Brunswick students and families. Mr. Cosby came to Brunswick in 1970 and, over the years until his sudden death in February 2004, taught history, math, and physical education, and coached almost every sport in both the Upper and Middle Schools. He is frequently remembered for his cheerful "greetings" as he welcomed the boys to School each morning. Mr. Cosby was a source of constant encouragement and boundless enthusiasm for students and faculty alike.

The income from the Cosby Fund established in Mr. Cosby's memory provides scholarship assistance to students who would otherwise not be able to afford a Brunswick education. The Robert L. Cosby Society was founded to honor those members of the community who have donated a cumulative total of $5,000 or more to the Cosby Fund.

Robert L. Cosby Society

The Robert L. Cosby Society was founded in 2004 to honor those members of the Brunswick community who donate, over any period of time, a cumulative total of $5,000 or more to the Robert L. Cosby Scholarship Fund or to the 2009 Senior Fund which endowed The Class of 2009 Cosby Scholar.

The mission of the Robert L. Cosby Society is to perpetuate the values that Mr. Cosby exemplified. As our beloved faculty member, mentor and coach, his generosity of spirit, good nature, optimism, thoughtfulness, and fine character affected generations of Brunswick students. Mr. Cosby’s legend lives on. Society members are invited to gather annually to meet outstanding students who have benefited from the Fund, and to remember the man who provided more than 30 years of inspiration and dignity to our School.

Members of the Robert L. Cosby Society will be recognized each year in the Annual Report, and new members will be specially designated. The members listed here made their gifts prior to June 30, 2010.

Brunswick School is particularly grateful to those alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends who continue to donate to the Robert L. Cosby Scholarship Fund.

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  • Robert L. Cosby Society Members

    The Class of 1976
    The Class of 2009
    Mr. William A. Arnold IV '81
    Mr. & Mrs. Caesar A. Arredondo
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Axilrod
    Mr. & Mrs. David S. Bailey
    Mr. & Mrs. Marcus D. Baker
    Mrs. Nancy P. Barbe
    Mr. & Mrs. John D. Binnie
    Cynthia G. Biondi
    Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Bradicich
    Mr. & Mrs. Pierre J. Brosens
    Dr. & Mrs. Frank P. Cammisa, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. A. Macdonald Caputo
    Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Carlson, Jr. '76
    Mr. & Mrs. John H. Carter, Jr.
    Kathryn A. Cassidy
    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Cassidy, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Castine
    Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Chapman '62
    Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Chronert
    Ms. Renata Cosby
    Dr. Robert L. Cosby, Jr. ‘73
    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Coughlin
    Mr. & Mrs. M. Robert Delaney
    Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Dobbs
    Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Doyle
    Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Dunnan
    Mr. & Mrs. D. Kyle Felt
    Mr. Robert C. Felt
    Mr. & Mrs. James Anthony FitzPatrick, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Floersheimer
    Ms. Suzanne Foyle
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Fuscone
    Mr. & Mrs. David K. Ganek
    Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Gaston '75
    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Gatto
    Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gerdts
    Ms. Sloane T. Given
    Mr. & Mrs. Rolando Gonzalez-Bunster
    Mr. & Mrs. Deepak Gurnani
    Mr. Alexander Hadjipateras & Mrs. Vanessa Hadjipateras
    Dr. & Mrs. Scott V. Haig
    Mr. & Mrs. David Han
    Mr. & Mrs. Steven W. Hart
    Mr. Benjamin W. Heineman & Ms. Cristine W. Russell
    Mr. Matthew R. Heineman '01
    Mr. & Mrs. James S. Hoch
    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Holzschuh
    Mr. & Mrs. James B. Jenkins '76
    Mr. & Mrs. Brodie C. Johnson
    Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Johnson
    Mr. & Mrs. William W. Johnson
    Mr. Harry V. Keefe III '78
    The Keefe Family Foundation
    Mr. & Mrs. John B. Keeshan '72
    Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Kenny
    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Ketchum
    Mr. & Mrs. William S. Kies III '66
    Mr. & Mrs. Pendleton King
    Mr. & Mrs. Garitt A. Kono
    Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Krasnow
    Mr. M. Robert Lloyd
    Mr. & Mrs. Oivind Lorentzen
    Mr. & Mrs. John G. Macfarlane III
    Mr. & Mrs. Gary S. Matthews
    Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Miller
    Reverend & Mrs. Thomas L. Nins
    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. O'Connell
    Mr. Thomas L. O'Connor '91
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. O'Leary
    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. O'Malley
    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. O'Malley, Jr. '85
    Ms. Sarah Ondaatje
    Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln L. Payton
    Ms. Mary Pedersen
    Mr. Peer T. Pedersen, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Eric Pollish
    Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Pucci
    Mr. James P. Quinn '94
    Mr. & Mrs. Adam D. L. Quinton
    Mr. Jeffrey A. Radler & Dr. Loretta M. Cody
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Savitt
    Mr. & Mrs. Peter O. Scannell
    Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Seaton
    Mr. & Mrs. Alexander M. Seaver
    Mr. William J. Simmons III
    Mr. Maxwell B. Singer
    Mr. & Mrs. James A. Skinner III
    Mr. & Mrs. Turner C. Smith
    Mr. & Mrs. Craig R. Stapleton
    Mr. & Mrs. Marc Tabah
    Mr. Robert L. Taylor & Ms. Edith W. Cooper
    Mr. Lance M. Tibbetts '75
    Mr. James A. Torrey & Ms. Rose P. Lynch
    Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Vallely '75
    Mr. & Mrs. J. Edward Virtue
    Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Weinberg
    Mr. & Mrs. Laurence F. Whittemore III
    Mr. & Mrs. Jerald M. Wigdortz
    Mr. & Mrs. Simon J. Williams
    Mr. & Mrs. Tyler J. Wolfram
    Mr. & Mrs. Tracy R. Wolstencroft
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Zannino

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