The Technology Department delivers secure, reliable, and integrated technology solutions to facilitate the mission of Brunswick School as it applies to teaching, learning, administration, and student services.

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    Sunil Gupta 

    Director of Technology; Chair, Computer Science Department

Need Help?

Submit an online ticket using the Tech Request Form to ensure that your request is logged and assigned to the closest Tech Support Specialist. Please provide as much information as possible for speedier resolution.

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    Tijani Asjaa 

    Technology Support Manager
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    Giuseppe Calvi 

    Technology Support Specialist
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    Nikolle Ibishaj 

    Technology Support Specialist

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    Timothy Coupe 

    Pre and Lower School Technology Instructor
    203.625.5800 x7027
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    Deborah Hull 

    Middle School Technology Instructor
    203.625.5800 x2233

The Technology Department's mission:

    • Provide leadership for strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology.
    • Provision and maintain a reliable, robust, and secure technological infrastructure.
    • Support the appropriate use of technology for academic innovation in teaching and learning.
    • Facilitate the collection, storage, security, and integrity of the school's electronic data.
    • Anticipate and meet the technology needs of the school community in a timely and efficient manner.
    • Foster an environment that is adaptable to technological changes and resilient to technological mishaps.
    • Promote the highest levels of professional customer service, support, and satisfaction.

Brunswick School Greenwich, CT

  • Upper School
    100 Maher Avenue
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    Lower School
    1252 King Street
    Office: 203.485.3670
  • Middle School
    1275 King Street
    Office: 203.242.1202

    Pre School
    1252 King Street
    Office: 203.485.3652

Main Phone: 203.625.5800
Business: 203.242.1220 
Alumni: 203.242.1223