Community Service

Opportunities Abound To Assist People In Need

Community service in the Upper School gives students direct experience with a variety of needs in our community. By exposing boys to struggles of others and enabling them to build relationships with individuals of different socioeconomic backgrounds, we teach them that their presence can have an impact. We encourage students to build relationships that have the potential to last far beyond their high school years.

Through committing time and energy in selfless ways, our boys learn to put others’ needs ahead of their own. Repeated interactions help students personally understand the recipients of the generosity, and enable them to develop greater empathy. We will continue to place significant emphasis on community service as a major piece in the development of our boys.

Students have recently been involved in service efforts with the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, Edison School in Port Chester, Inspirica, Waterside School, Eagle Hill, The Carver Center, MidNight Run in New York City, Neighbor-to-Neighbor, Promise World Wide in India, and JBFC in Africa.

Please contact us if you have any questions at 203.625.5854 or

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