Expert Maps Healthy Relationship with Tech

A tech insider turned storyteller and poet spoke to the Brunswick community on Tuesday about the impact social media has on life and learning in school and at home.

Max Stossel, founder of the non-profit Social Awakening, spoke to parents, faculty, and Upper and Middle School students on Tuesday about social media and its impact — noting especially its effects on social skills, focus, productivity, and feelings of self-worth.

Stossel offered tools to help teens, families, and teachers “survive and thrive” despite the near-constant enticements of the digital world.

"We’ve Been Sneaking into Your Brains," his presentation for students, featured information about how technology is designed intentionally to capture our constant attention. Stossel used rhyme, poetry, and storytelling to underscore his messages to young people, and to offer ideas and tools about how to manage technology in their lives.

Stossel gave a similar keynote to parents — "Education in the Age of Distraction" — which detailed social media use among teens and offered “meaningful daily actions” for families. 

In addition to his work with Social Awakening, Stossel serves as the youth and education advisor at the Center for Humane Technology. Previously, he was a media strategist who ran social media for multinational brands. He later designed some of the social media notification structures that he now raises awareness about.

Stossel’s visit served as another installment in the ’WICK Center Speaker Series, which brings leading thinkers to campus for daylong visits that focus on wellness, insight, courage, and kindness. Up next is "Sleep Is Your Superpower" by Matthew Walker, Ph.D., on April 25 at 6:30 p.m. in Baker Theater. 



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