Head of School's Message: 'So Much To Be Thankful For!'

To the Brunswick Community:

One of my senior advisees commented this morning that he thinks Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday of the year. I asked him why, and he said it is because the day is all about family: Preparing and sharing a meal and being together — no built-up expectations for presents, little hype, and, of course, much gratitude.

That sentiment reminded me that I can't help but feel that at Brunswick we have much to be thankful for on a daily basis!

In fact, as with all things, even COVID has its silver linings. Thus far this year, as we have returned some aspects of the school experience back to normal, it has been so reaffirming to see how openly grateful our boys are for the small things we all missed last year but that we have (thankfully), thus far, been able to revert to this year: More traditional classroom settings, a full athletic schedule, more normal dining, senior greeting — all things in ways large and small that serve to make Brunswick what it is. How can we not be thankful to have all those experiences back in our daily lives!

Yet, I suppose it goes without saying that these are anxious times. Whether it be COVID, a highly charged political climate, or economic uncertainty, many people seem on their guard, quick to anger, and/or unhappy.

But as our community heads into Thanksgiving week, I hope you and your sons draw great comfort from the knowledge that Brunswick remains an abundantly happy place, focused on our mission of preparing young men for life, celebrating boys in all their promise, and working alongside one another in our quest to educate young men whose lives will be marked by Courage, Honor and Truth.

We love what we do, and we love being part of this special community.

We have much to be thankful for to be sure!





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