First Day: Return to 'Real Business' of Brunswick

After members of the Class of 2022 processed hand-in-hand with first graders onto Robert L. Cosby Field — a longtime First Day tradition — Head of School Thomas W. Philip opened Brunswick’s 119th year by addressing the faculty and student body.

Philip’s message at the ceremony — the first to be held outdoors and the first full-school gathering in two years — acknowledged the adversities presented by the global pandemic and the challenging days that very likely lie ahead. 

“At Brunswick, we are always practicing for challenges — practicing how to face them when they inevitably come and how to overcome them and become stronger by doing so,” Philip said. 

“But I also want us also to look beyond these times with confidence and optimism for the future — and to get back to the real business of Brunswick School.”

Philip referenced the following hallmarks of being a Brunswick boy.
  • Being kind to newcomers and strangers
  • Respecting others and ourselves
  • Being curious and inquisitive
  • Working hard to better ourselves
  • Arriving on time and being in dress code
  • Listening to and looking others in the eye
  • Being polite
“More than anything, though, we need to appreciate that we are all part of something greater than ourselves — and attempt to fulfill our lives by contributing to the greater good.

“And, of course, we need to strive to live lives marked by Courage, Honor, and Truth.”


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