Upper Schoolers Earn Honors at State Science Fair

A texting-and-driving safety device earned a Brunswick Upper School student a $30,000 scholarship to the University of Connecticut School of Engineering at the 72nd annual Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair, held March 9-14 online.

Noah Levi ’21 earned the scholarship for a project that uses a hydraulic braking system activated by a touch-sensor steering wheel to increase driver engagement.

The honor was a highlight of a tassel of awards Brunswick students collected during a YouTube livestream ceremony on March 14. 

Typically held at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn., the Fair was held online after organizers decided on March 8 to go digital. 

Students uploaded digital posters of their projects, and finalists were interviewed by judges in a virtual chat room on Weds., March 11.

“Although we had fewer finalists than normal due to the limitations of interview slots, the boys did very well overall,” Science Department Chair Dana Montanez said..  

Here’s the complete list of award winners:
Noah Levi ’21
Texting-and-Driving Safety Device: Utilizing a Hydraulic Braking System Activated by a Touch-Sensor Steering Wheel to Increase Driver Engagement
  • $30,000 scholarship to UConn Engineering ($7,500/year)
  • 1st Place, Applied Technology Awards
  • American Society of Safety Professionals Award
  • Invention Convention Winner (advancing on May 2nd) 
  • Zepki Award: Best Use of an Electrical Circuit
  • Finalist, Second Honors
Ali Hindy ’21
Predicting Droughts from Satellite Images Using Novel Convolutional Neural Network Techniques 
  • 3rd Place, Pepsico HS Life Science Awards
  • American Meteorology Award
  • Finalist, First Honors

Peter Kapp III ’22 and Michael Montgomery ’22
Desalination and Purification of Seawater Using Solar-Powered Electrodialysis 
  • 3rd Place Team, Lockheed Martin Physical Science Awards
  • Finalist, 1st Honors

Jamie Meindl ’20
Development of a Novel Neural Network Architecture for Improved Multiclass Classification
  • Medalist, Mathematics Awards
  • Finalist, 2nd Honors

Tristan Chang ’21 and Coulter Mackesy ’21
Utilization of Micro-bubbles as a Catalyst for Flocculation of Polluted Water  
  • Medalists, Applied Technology
  • Finalist, 2nd Honors

Myles Speiss ’22 and Nicholas Altman ’22
Optimization of the Insoles: Material Testing to Maximize Athletic Results
  • Medalists, Collins Aerospace and Engineering Awards
  • Samantha Freeman Excellence in Sports Science and Engineering Award
  • Finalist, 2nd Honors

Thomas Fouts ’21
Delivery of Medical Supplies Using Autonomous Thrust Vectoring UAVs to Developing Countries In Response To Natural Disasters
  • U.S. Agency for International Development Award
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 
  • 2nd Honors

Luke Apostolides ’22
Utilizing Alpha-Particle Decay as a Catalyst for Ionization and a Source of Clean’ Energy 
  • Award from the Office of Naval Research
  • 2nd Honors

Caleb Boatang ’22 and Ford Brown ’22
Utilizing Ferro-fluids to Increase Efficiency of Fluid Coolant Systems
  • ASM Material Science Award
  • 2nd Honors

Ashton Arjomand ’22 and Max Konzerowsky ’22
Condensation and Collection of Cooling Tower Steam
  • Westinghouse Electric Excellence in Energy Research Award
  • 2nd Honors

Brooks Ferguson ’21 and Colin Mulshine ’21
Creation of a Natural Water Filtration System of Heavy Metals Using Pleurotus Ostreatus Fungi
  • 2nd Honors

Leyton Borcherding ’21
Identifying and Neutralizing Herbicide Concentration in Compost
  • 2nd Honors

Samuel Guadalupe ’22 and Aidan Marks ’22
The Effect of Horror and Nature VR Simulations on Motor Skills and Cognitive Function
  • 2nd Honors

Ryan Winston ’21
Microplastic Concentrations in the Mianus River: Filtering, Measuring, and Mapping 
  • 3rd Honors

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