Hall of Fame

Nomination Guidelines

Selection Committee
The Selection Committee is comprised of the members of the Brunswick Alumni Association board. The President of the Association serves as Chair of the Selection Committee. Following the first induction class, members of the first Hall of Fame class will become members of the Selection Committee.
Endorsement Committee
The Endorsement Committee is comprised of the following individuals: Head of School, Director of Athletics, President of Brunswick Alumni Association, Executive Director of Brunswick Alumni Association, Executive Director of Development, Alumni Association Executive Board.
Candidates must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for nomination and induction into the Brunswick Athletics Hall of Fame (hereafter BAOF).
  • Individual: A player must have graduated from Brunswick at least 10 years prior to nomination
  • Coach: Must be retired from Brunswick for at least five years
  • Team: A team can be eligible if that team completed its season, ten (10) seasons prior to nomination

A. Recommendations of Individuals to Selection Committee
Any person may recommend any eligible individual to be considered as a nominee. Each recommendation shall be accompanied by information regarding the achievements of the individual being recommended. Upon recommendation to the Selection Committee, an individual shall be placed on the List of Candidates to be maintained by the Executive Director of the Association.
B. List of Candidates 
The List of Candidates shall contain the names of all individuals recommended, and who remain eligible for consideration as a nominee by the Selection Committee. The List of Candidates shall contain such other information as shall be relevant for consideration by the Selection Committee, including sport(s) and position(s) played, year of graduation and notable achievements. If not nominated by the Selection Committee within Five (5) years after placement on the List of Candidates, an individual shall be removed from the List of Candidates, provided however, that there shall be no limit to the number of times an individual may be recommended subsequently to the Selection Committee.
C. Nominations by Selection Committee
  1. The Selection Committee shall meet at the call of the Chairman to discuss candidates and make nominations to the Hall of Fame.
  2. Number of Nominees Annually The Selection Committee may nominate as many as ten (10) individuals or teams in any one year.
  3. Vote Required by Selection Committee To be nominated by the Selection Committee as an Athlete Inductee, a Coach or a Team, an individual must receive a majority of the votes of the members of the Selection Committee present at the annual meeting of the Selection Committee called for the purpose of considering nominees.
D. Approval of Nominees by Endorsement Committee
Upon nomination by the Selection Committee the names of the nominees shall be referred to the Endorsement Committee for approval. To be elected to the Hall of Fame, a nominee must receive the votes of at least five (5) members of the Endorsement Committee.

V - Induction
Individuals nominated by the Selection Committee and approved by the Endorsement Committee shall be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame during the Hall of Fame dinner. A plaque recognizing Inductees will be permanently displayed in an area designated by the Athletic Director of Brunswick School.
VI - Modification of Rules
Amendments and modifications to the Rules may be made by a vote of approval of at least 2/3 of the members of the Endorsement Committee present.

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