Alumni Development Council

Brunswick's Alumni Development Council ("ADC") is tasked with the goal of increasing alumni engagement and donations in order to positively impact the school community. Each year, council members are tasked with allocating their funds towards a project of their collective choosing, helping drive future initiatives from an alumni perspective. In addition to their annual financial aid scholarship commitment, council donations in recent years have constructed the Alumni terrace overlooking Cosby Field and funded a year of Career Center operating costs. Members of the ADC have become leaders among their peers by pledging $5,000 or more over five years to the Annual Fund.

Interested in joining the ADC?  Please contact Zach Dobbs '06, Director of Alumni Relations, for more information.


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  • Gregory A. Shenkman '99, P'34

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  • Executive Committee

    Christopher F. Allwin '03
     Charles E. Better '13
     Elliot W. Jenks '01  ex-officio
     Eric W. Hopp '94, P'28
     Samuel B. Kies '04
     Thomas D. O'Malley III '12


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  • Council Members

    Michael N. Allwin '08
    Robert L. Berner IV '07
    David W. Better '11
    William S. Broadbent, Jr. '02
    William A. Browne '07
    Anthony M. Caputo, Jr. '98
    Scott Caputo '01
    Charles R. Carson, Jr. '98
    William L. Chapman '09
    Thomas C. Connor, Jr. '07
    Philip S. Cutler '08
    Michael J. DiBiasio '93
    Robert H. Dudley '04
    John A. Dudzik, Jr. '10
    John C. Duffy '01
    Nicholas E. Federici '96
    Conor C. Flynn '99
    Christopher G. Gartin '03
    Fernando B. Gentil, Jr. '05
    Alexander H. Glazer '05
    Paul Gojkovich III '01
    Michael J. Grace '93
    Russell F. Graham, Jr. '99
    Maxwell S. Heiden '12
    Jacob N. Heller '00
    Christian R. Henze '06
    Alexander R. H. Hickey '13
    Tomas J. Hoyos '08
    George M. Jamgochian '01
    Hugh S. Jessiman '02
    Zachary J. John '05
    Craig F. Jung '86, P'20
    Rana P. Kashyap '01, P'35
    Christopher M. Kenny '11
    Conor K. Kenny '09
    Michael A. Kitson '04
    Nicholas F. Kono '13
    Justin F. Korsant '03
    Samuel P. Lalanne '99
    James B. Lee III '02
    Matthew B. Lorig '99, P'31, '32
    Andrew M. Lorig '05
    Brett A. Loscalzo '04
    Kendrick J. Luse '04
    John W. McCormick '95, P'29, 34
    William D. McGirr '01
    Whit McGraw IV '95, P'26, '28, '31
    Reed R. L. McMurchy '15
    James P. Millard '06
    Christopher N. Monsif '00
    James L. Muhlfeld '94
    William F. O'Malley '15
    Thomas J. Opladen, Jr. '01
    John R. Otto '05
    Shahryar Oveissi '98
    James G. Overlock '02
    Stephen C. Perlis '03
    George Ashton Addison Pierce '13
    Matthew G. Podlesak '13
    Andrew T. Rosato '97, P'34
    Henry D. Sall '15
    David J. Sawyer '01
    William C. Sinclair '03
    William P. Sirignano II '02
    Edward A. Sweeney III '03
    Thomas Toepke '99, P'34, '36
    Bryan A. Tunney '08
    Nicholas H. Ulanoff '13
    Tucker S. Virtue '07
    Matthew S. Virtue '06
    John Voigt '12
    Matthew W. Weill '11
    David C. Wilson '88
    Lazare Zoungrana '15


Contact Us

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  • Photo of Zachary Dobbs

    Zach Dobbs 

    Director of Alumni Relations
    203.242.1225 x2219
    Class of 2006
  • Photo of Max Metalios

    Max Metalios 

    Assistant Director Alumni Relations
    203.242.1223 x2209
    Class of 2017
  • Photo of John Schlank

    John Schlank 

    Alumni Engagement Associate
    203.625.5800 x2267
    Class of 2017

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