Bruins LAX Defeats Winged Beavers

The Bruins traveled to Avon Old Farms to take on the Winged Beavers in a New England 1 West league matchup  on Wednesday, emerging victorious by a score of 14-9.

The Bruins entered the game with a 10-3 record, while the Winged Beavers entered with a record of 8-5.

Brunswick opened up the scoring with an unassisted goal, as Payton Anderson dodged down the left-handed alley. Avon quickly responded with a goal of its own. Hudson Hausmann broke the tie with a strong finish off his dodge. Avon responded with three straight goals, including a remarkable 65-yard bomb from a close defenseman to break the Bruin's full-field ride. Avon led 4-2 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Bruins started the scoring in the first minute when Jackson Wolfram tossed a skip pass through the defense to Tomas Delgado, who buried the 10-yard step-down shot. The Bruins tallied five goals and four assists, while the Winged Beavers managed only one goal. Brunswick went into halftime with a 7-5 lead.

The Winged Beavers were unable to pull within two goals for the rest of the game. The Bruins outscored the Winged Beavers 4-3 in the third quarter and 3-1 in the fourth, securing a 14-9 victory for the Bruins.

Brunswick hosts Salisbury on Friday night on Cosby Field at 7 p.m.

J. Wolfram 3,1
C. Quinson 1,1
M. Warden 1,0
L. Hoffman 2,3
A. Greenspan 1,0
H. Spiess 0,1
P. Anderson 1,0
W. Erdmann 0,1
H. Hausmann 2,0
T. Delgado 3,2

A. Greenspan 16 of 24 (66.67%)

T. Williams 11 of 20 (55%)

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