Father-Son Dinner: Storied Tradition Resumes

More than 800 people gathered for the 90th Annual Father-Son Dinner at Burke Field House on Thursday, March 9. 

The long Brunswick tradition dates back to 1934 — and, due to the global pandemic, was the first such gathering of Brunswick boys and their dads since 2019. 

Justin Tuck — 11-year NFL veteran, two-time Super Bowl champion, and now a vice president in Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs — served as the keynote speaker and encouraged young men in attendance to be observant of their surroundings and to always be thankful for their support systems. 

“Don’t be a flash in the pan. Don’t forget about those people who helped you get to this point. Don’t forget this — Brunswick,” Tuck said. 

“Look around and think about where that person ahead of you is and where that person behind you is — and think about how you can help that person pull the rope in the same way.

“If I leave you with one piece of advice, I would say to constantly challenge each other to improve what has already been established. What are you going to do to make Brunswick even greater — even better?”

Tuck followed this year’s student speaker, Tomas Delgado ’23, a three-sport varsity captain in football, wrestling, and lacrosse, who focused his remarks on his cherished experience as a ’Wick student-athlete. 

As Delgado enters his final Brunswick athletic season — before going on to play collegiate lacrosse at Duke University — he reminded his fellow Bruins to take advantage of every opportunity and to wear the Brown and White uniform with pride.

“Embrace your journey — it’s a great one,” he said. “Brunswick is tough to beat because we are talented, we work hard, and we rely on each other. 

“We own the process, we don’t quit, and we find happiness in knowing that we represent Brunswick. Win or lose — we are a brotherhood. And that will last forever.”

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