Skiers Race To Second Straight Victory

Brunswick earned its second straight team victory on the slopes at Mount Southington on Thursday night.

In the second Class S ski race of the season, Brunswick won the team event by almost nine seconds and placed five individual racers in the top 11 spots, including two on the podium with Patch Leonard in first and Cameron Shipman in third place.
Team Results:
Brunswick            288.04  (combined times of top 6 racers)
Weston                 296.89
Wilton                   309.92
Barlow                  314.1
Hand                     317.15
Guilford                326
Cheshire               332.67
Amity                    366.76
St Luke's                DSQ
Woodstock Academy      DSQ
New Canaan       DSQ
Farmington         DSQ
Litchfield/Wamogo          DSQ
Here are the individual results:
Patch Leonard – 1st
Cameron Shipman – 3rd 
Ollie Leonard – 6th
Ryan Warner – 7th 
Teddy Bancroft – 11th
Evan Daigle – 20th
Walker Boardman – 44th
Henry Ginnel – 50th 
Whit Armstrong – 54th
Aidan Robison – 80th 
Coach Shipman gave kudos to Matteo Santulin and Nick Weiss, who both were pushing so hard that they crashed in the race.

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