'Wick Live

If you cannot watch games from the sidelines, 'Wick Live offers on-demand video coverage of numerous athletic contests and other school events throughout the academic year.  This service, delivered at no additional cost to members of our community, lets you follow the action “on demand.”
It’s that easy to see the Bruins this year!

If you or a family member cannot attend the event, log on to watch from your computer, or download the free app to view from your tablet or smartphone. See details below.


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Camera Locations

  • Baker Theater 
  • Camuto Auditorium 
  • Cosby Field 
  • Dann Gym 
  • Hartong Rink 
  • Mehra Natatorium
  • Squash Courts
  • Ostyre Wrestling Room

Brunswick School Greenwich, CT

  • Upper School
    100 Maher Avenue

    Pre School
    116 Maple Avenue
  • Lower & Middle Schools
    1252 King Street

    Phone: 203.625.5800
    Alumni: 800.546.9425