Ski Team Takes Silver at NEPSAC Championship

Brunswick, in just its second season, took second place in the NEPSAC B Ski Championship at the Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, Vermont, on Wednesday, February 15. Brunswick combined for 72 points, 14 points off the pace by the championship team from Milton Academy.
The scoring format for the 10 teams in the championship is based on the finish of the top three racers for each school in both the slalom and giant slalom. Using an aggregate scoring method, the team with the lowest combined score over the two events is crowned the champion.
In the slalom, the Bruins finished in sixth place in the two-run event with 54 team points. Tucker Calcano led Brunswick with a 14th place finish, as Nick Blum (19th) and Ethan Hynes (21st) scored for the Bruins. Andrew Rogozinski finished 31st out of 65 skiers.
In the slalom, Ian Murray’s initial two-run time of 1:24.61 earned a sixth-place finish, but the result was waived off due to a technicality that disqualified Murray’s score. All racers below sixth place moved up one position after the scoring change.
Blum’s first slalom run of 40.97 was the seventh-fastest opening time; however, a bobble on the second run pushed Blum’s combined time to 19th overall.
The Bruins attacked the giant slalom (GS), adding just 18 team points to their overall total with three top-10 finishes in the GS. The 18 points was by far the lowest team score on either the GS or slalom during the course of the championship. The remarkably low score in the GS allowed the Bruins to leapfrog four teams to finish second overall in the championship.
Blum’s third-place result paced Brunswick, while Murray took sixth and Calcano finished ninth. Blum combined two spectacular GS runs with a pair of second-place finishes in each race for a total time of 2:10.91.
Ethan Hynes earned a top-20 finish with a 16th place result in the GS for Brunswick.
Team Scores
1.     Milton  (Mass.)            58 pts. (slalom 28, GS 30)
2.     Brunswick                   72 pts. (slalom 54, GS 18)
3.     Concord (Mass.)          74 pts. (slalom 30, GS 44)
4.     Brewster (N.H.)           85 pts. (slalom 50, GS 35)
5.     Salisbury                     98 pts. (slalom 45, GS 53)
6.     Williston N’ampton     101 pts. (slalom 48, GS 53)
7.     Loomis Chaffee          117 pts. (slalom 56, GS 61)
8.     Taft                           132 pts. (slalom 63, GS 69)
9.     Thayer (Mass.)           164 pts. (slalom 77, GS 87)
10.  Lawrence (Mass.)        175 pts. (slalom 70, GS 105)                          
For slalom results, click here.
For GS results, click here.
    • (L to R) Ian Murray, Ethan Hynes, Nick Blum, Tucker Calcano, Andrew Rogoznski (photo courtesy: Gary Davis)

    • Tucker Calcano (photo courtesy: Gary Davis)

    • Ethan Hynes (photo courtesy: Gary Davis)

    • Nick Blum (photo courtesy: Gary Davis)

    • Ian Murray (photo courtesy: Gary Davis)

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