Outdoor Classroom: ‘A Legacy Moment’

In a collaborative effort between Brunswick, Audubon Greenwich, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Brunswick unveiled a new Schoolyard Habitat and Outdoor Classroom on Friday, October 23, at Edwards Campus.
The new outdoor space joins a network of other habitats across Greenwich and Stamford, including those at Parkway Elementary, Armstrong Court, Rogers International, Springdale Elementary, and Julia A. Stark Schools. 
Beginning last spring, Brunswick students, faculty, parents, and friends — bolstered by the instrumental financial support of Lynn May, whose son, Sam, graduated in 2015 — helped put the School’s plan for an Outdoor Classroom into action, planting native plants for birds and pollinators, installing birdhouses, and creating nature trails throughout the habitat.
“Today marks a legacy moment for Brunswick,” May said. “It’s a challenge not to be encouraged in the Outdoor Classroom. You can do so many different things and you don’t have to be afraid to be yourself.”
In addition, the natural habitat of engaged learning, endless exploration, and peaceful reflection aligns with Audubon Connecticut’s Urban Oases Program — an initiative transforming a network of habitats across Connecticut’s parks, neighborhoods, and schoolyards into quality stopover habitat for millions of migrating songbirds.
Conservation Club presidents Ryan Callaghan ’16, Angus Fraser ’16, and Jamie MacFarlane ’16 credited Science Department Chair Dana Montanez for her unflagging energy and enthusiasm throughout the environmentally-geared mission.
“What is so spectacular is that this is only the beginning,” MacFarlane said. “It will be a place for stories, clubs, science, art, and natural beauty for years to come.”
The event concluded with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony and walk through of the Schoolyard Habitat by Lower School boys, who sprinkled perennial seeds throughout the space along their way. 

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