Closing Exercises: ‘Great Year Any Way You Measure It’

The Brunswick community gathered in Dann Gymnasium on Tuesday, June 4, for Closing Exercises — an annual spring event to conclude the school year and honor students and faculty for outstanding accomplishments in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and throughout the community.
“It’s been a great year in any way you can measure it,” Head of School Thomas W. Philip noted, “and we should all be grateful for our individual and collective success.”

Philip also encouraged Upper and Middle Schoolers to consider all those who made the year so special — teachers, advisors, coaches, maintenance staff members, kitchen staff members, and the administration — and concluded by saluting the students themselves. 

“Thank you all for your hard work, for your support of each other, for your involvements beyond the classroom, and for your sportsmanship on the playing field,” he said. 

“More than anything, you make Brunswick School what it is — when you are at your best, we are truly the great school we work so hard to be.”

The event concluded with the traditional “Moving Up” Ceremony, as eighth-grade students were welcomed to the Upper School and juniors rose to become the senior class. 


Eleanor G. Lindberg Award Lawson Caffray
Virginia I. Peterson Award Knox Williams
Sarah B. Burdett Award Austin Schur
Kulukundis Cup Arjun Leih
Geis Cup Slater Dixon
Williamson Trophy Collin McCreath


Cum Laude Ryan Ahn
Subir Garg
Sayah Trahanas
William A. Durkin III ’72 Alumni Award Marco Sethi
Ike Dolphan ’22 Award William Stemerman
Princeton Alumni Award Nathan Lee
Columbia Book Award Pierce Crosby
Oaklawn Award Zia Ross-Wiley
Randolph Prize Sean Mensi
Williams Book Award Sayah Trahanas
Yale Alumni Award Henry Roth
Harvard Book Prize Subir Garg
Brown Book Award Jackson Horton
Arabic Award James Lynch
Chinese Award Oscar Geren
French Award William O’Reilly
Italian Award William Devaney
Spanish Award E. J. Perez
Classics Award Oliver Reynolds
Kenneth Merritt Mathematics Award Magne Sogaard-Srikrishnan
Grace Warne Math Award Jeremy Lee
Fairfield Biology Prize Sayah Trahanas
Rensselaer Award Whit Armstrong
Computer Science Award Jesse Chung
Grade Nine Service Award Jack Wendell
Grade Ten Service Award William Pallone
Grade Eleven Service Award Leo Simon
Grade Nine Varsity Athletic Plaques Marcus Maraglino
Grade Ten Varsity Athletic Plaques Jake Greene
Michael Marini
Grade Eleven Varsity Athletic Plaques Patrick Leonard
John F. Otto Faculty Award Erin Withstandley
Sheila Pultz Service to Brunswick Award Kate Bradley



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