Class of 2024: ‘Perseverance, Strength, Kindness’

Brunswick graduated 114 students in the Class of 2024 in its 122th Commencement on May 22 — under spectacular May sunshine, a bright blue sky, and warm conditions.
The celebration brought hundreds of family members and friends to an outdoor ceremony on Robert L. Cosby Field, where Rev. Elias Villis P ’19, ’22, ’24, father of graduate Artemios, provided the invocation.
Head of School Thomas W. Philip introduced the proceedings, offering heartfelt thanks to parents and faculty who have brought these students to this moment. He said the Class of 2024 has demonstrated excellence in everything from art to math to community service, and it has also shown distinction in how it has demonstrated perseverance and strength.
Through it all, Philip said, the Class of 2024 has shown great kindness.
“The success of these young men speaks clearly to the love and care of so many here today,” Philip said. “This class is a very, very special one, and I don’t say that every year.”
Valedictorian Andrew P. Tu introduced Ivy Speaker Robert J. MacNaughton IV, who used his speech to expound on a quote from the philosopher Seneca: “No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity. For he is not permitted to prove himself.”

MacNaughton offered high appreciation for his classmates and all of the traditions of his first-class education, but acknowledged that he and his classmates “were often overwhelmed by the enormous challenges that Brunswick presents.”
“After some reflection, I’ve come to understand that those moments of shared adversity are actually my most cherished memories with this group of guys sitting behind me,” he said. 

“Those moments of adversity would really more aptly be described as opportunities – opportunities to face a challenge with some of your closest friends in the whole world and make some awesome memories along the way, opportunities to seize happiness and fulfillment by proving to yourself just how capable you really are.”
Jay Clayton, chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 2017-20, served as Commencement speaker. He encouraged students to use the strength of their Brunswick education to “take on whatever comes next.”

“Do it with strength, confidence, purpose, courage, and humility,” he said. “Do it with the mix that’s right for you. It’s important to all of us here that you do. I am certain that America, the greatest country the world has ever known, will be better for your efforts.”

Clayton used sports analogies to offer graduates advice, imploring them to “choose offense” and “make decisions” — because “keeping your options open” has costs.

“Take the shot, roll the dice, ask for a date, go out and dance,” he said. 
Just before diplomas were awarded, faculty recognized 12 students for high achievement not just in academics, athletics, and community service, but also for extraordinary character. Also recognized was Gina Hurd, whose career spanned 44 years of service to Brunswick — 18 of them as head of the Pre School.
Here’s the full list of award winners:
Valedictorian: Andrew P. Tu

Kulukundis Cup: Andrew E. Rodriguez

Community Service Award: Alexander F. Ohls

BPA Prize: Jerry R. Guzman

Jenkins Athletic Award: Ryan C. Ohl

Thomas A. Altman Prize: William N. Schmitz

Robert L. Cosby Award: Luc L. Lampert

A. Macdonald Caputo Award: Luke H. Brown

Faculty Citations: Thomas M. Whidden, Robert J. MacNaughton IV, Michael G. Yeager

Head of School’s Trophy: Casey C. Quinson

Yearbook Dedication: Gina Hurd



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