Seniors Cited for Excellence at Awards Ceremony

A host of Brunswick seniors were honored with distinguished awards at a ceremony in Dann Gymnasium on Monday, May 20. 

Director of Technology and Chair of the Computer Science Department Sunil Gupta served as the keynote speaker, as chosen by the Class of 2024. Gupta, who began his tenure at Brunswick in 2003, has had the privilege of watching members of the graduating class grow and achieve so much over their years together in the classroom and advisory.

He told the audience of Upper School students, faculty, and parents a comical story rooted in the value of friendship, stemming from a mortifying experience at a charity golf outing in Dehli, India, more than 42 years ago.

In front of a large gathering on the first tee box — including an emcee and a television news crew — Gupta whiffed and then proceeded to “hack” his next attempt just a few yards before the crowd roared in laughter. 

But it was his friends who rallied around him at this low, embarrassing moment as they walked up the fairway — “like knights in shining polo shirts, clapping me on the back, sharing their own stories of wild shots they’ve hit under pressure,” he mused. 

“They were being bros — in the best sense of the word.

“So, choose your squad carefully. When you’re around people who are smart, motivated, hardworking, and maybe even a bit better at sports, you’ll gradually start to emulate them. It's human nature,” Gupta said. 

He offered the soon-to-be graduates — who will receive their diplomas on Wednesday and embark on the next chapters of their lives — one final piece of advice before sending them off with thanks and encouragement. 

“The company you keep today will absolutely shape the person you become tomorrow. So, make and keep friends who elevate, who inspire, who’ll be your support network, your cheerleaders, and sometimes, your reality check,” Gupta said. 

“Class of 2024, it has truly been a privilege to teach you boys and to learn from you. On behalf of the entire faculty and staff, I wish you good luck! Godspeed! Go out there and make us even more proud!”

Cum Laude Certificates*:
Ajay M. Bagaria
Luke H. Brown
Connor G. Crosby
Sebastian O. DeAngelis
Patrick J. Duncan
John B. Saunders
Thomas M. Whidden
Theater Award:
Griffin A. Porphy
Simpson Choral Award:
Alexander M. Giannuzzi
Randolph Band Award:
Jack H. Rinaldi
Visual Arts Award:
Sebastian O. DeAngelis
Everett Prize For English:
Gabriel A. Lopez
R. Scott Tucker Senior Essay Prize:
Andrew E. Rodriguez
Bouffier Foreign Language Prize:
Andrew E. Rodriguez
Senior Classics Award:
Gabriel A. Lopez
John Van Atta History Prize:
Kiran D. Marsh
Stephen A. Duennebier Social Sciences Award:
Henry A. Putnam
Thomas A. Shields Mathematics Award:
Andrew P. Tu
AAPT Science Award:
Luke R. Dougherty
Alan M. Turing Prize for Computer Science:
Ajay M. Bagaria
Gus Conrades ’86 Varsity Athletic Awards:
Ryan C. Ohl
Robert G. Sampson Prize:
C. Hudson Hausmann
*Cum Laude members joined earlier inductees and classmates Luke R. Dougherty, Thomas H. B. Ewald, Jr., Gabriel A. Lopez, Robert J. MacNaughton IV, Andrew E. Rodriguez, Andrew P. Tu, Benjamin X. Wu, and Ethan Yoo.



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