'Wick Joins in Worldwide 'Hour of Code'

In a world increasingly shaped by technology, coding is no longer just a skill — it's a language, a way of interpreting and influencing the world around us. Understanding code means having the key to unlock a vast array of personal and professional opportunities.

The Hour of Code is an annual invitation to dive into the digital universe and take part in shaping it. This global phenomenon aims to demystify coding, showing that anyone can master the basics and contribute to the technology-driven future. More than just a lesson, it's a worldwide movement that has empowered over a billion students across 180 countries.

Since 2014, Brunswick has proudly joined forces with code.org to bring this initiative to its campuses. This year, during Computer Science Education Week from December 4-10, every ’Wick student and faculty member will have the chance to engage with captivating coding activities. These exercises are more than just fun — they are building blocks for developing essential problem-solving, critical thinking, and experiential learning skills.

Brunswick encourages all to explore the endless possibilities that coding offers. Visit https://hourofcode.com/us and https://wicknet.org/hoc for a sneak peek at the coding adventures that await you. These activities are designed for all ages, so feel free to involve the whole family and friends in the discovery process.

Embracing these pivotal digital skills is not just about staying current — it's about staying ahead and being prepared for a future that values adaptability, creativity, and technical acumen. Let's code our way to that future together!



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