Seniors Earn Awards of Distinction

A host of Brunswick seniors were honored with distinguished awards at a ceremony in Dann Gymnasium on Monday, May 15. 

Upper School math teacher Giovanni Hutchinson served as the keynote speaker, as chosen by the Class of 2023. Hutchinson, a native of Jamaica and graduate of Wesleyan University, began his tenure at Brunswick in 2018 — and has had the privilege of watching the members of the graduating class grow and achieve so much over their years together in the classroom and advisory.

“Some of you have excelled in theater, bringing to life characters and stories that have inspired and entertained us. Some of you have found your voice in art, expressing your vision and creativity through codes and colors,” Hutchinson said. 

“And still, some of you have pushed yourself to new heights in athletics, building strength and resilience through hard work and determination. And, of course, all of you have achieved great things in academics, mastering complex concepts and skills that will serve you well in college and life in general.”

He offered the soon-to-be graduates — who will receive their diplomas on Wednesday — many pieces of advice as they set to embark on the next chapters of their lives. 

“Embrace humility as a way of life, and you will find that it will open doors for you that you may have never imagined possible.

“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Even if you fail, you will learn valuable lessons that will help you in the future.

“Remember, you are resilient. Life can be tough, but you have proven time and time again that you are tough, too. You have faced adversity and come out stronger on the other side. Keep fighting, keep pushing, and never give up.”

  • Cum Laude Certificates*: James W. Cabot Jr., Jackson R. Fels, Magnus B. O’Reilly, John E. Riehl, Nikolas A. Sulkowski, and Hunter T. Wu
  • Theater Award:    Holden F. Fraser
  • Simpson Choral Award:    Tomas J. Delgado
  • Randolph Band Award:    Michael F. Del Toro
  • Visual Arts Award:    Conrad O. Hyde
  • Everett Prize for English:    Vilas A. Sorgaard-Srikrishnan
  • R. Scott Tucker Senior Essay Prize:    Kai L. Le
  • Bouffier Foreign Language Prize:    Magnus B. O’Reilly
  • Senior Classics Award:    William B. Ewald IV
  • John Van Atta History Prize:    Jackson R. Fels
  • Stephen A. Duennebier Social Sciences Award:   Tomas Jasson
  • Thomas A. Shields Mathematics Award:    William B. Ewald IV
  • AAPT Science Award:    Benjamin H. Sheppard
  • Alan M. Turing Prize for Computer Science:    Ryan W. Kulsakdinun
  • Gus Conrades ’86 Varsity Athletic Awards:    Tomas J. Delgado, Luke R. Michalik, Patrick C. Mullen, William R. Ocken, Riley J. Redahan, and Malik A. Samms
  • Robert G. Sampson Prize:    Patrick C. Mullen  
*Cum Laude members joined earlier inductees and classmates Michael F. Del Toro, William B. Ewald IV, Tomas Jasson, Parakram S. Karnik, Ryan W. Kulsakdinun, Kai L. Le, Alden D. Reals, Theodore G. Sandler, Benjamin H.  Sheppard, Vilas A. Sorgaard-Srikrishnan, and Hunter J. Spiess. 



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