Health & Wellness Event Spotlights Nutrition

Healthy snacking was the theme of a first-of-its-kind Snack Face-Off event for Upper Schoolers on April 19. 

Brunswick Health & Wellness took over the courtyard next to the dining hall during the lunch wave — setting up tables and streaming in some music to invite students into lessons about nutrition.

Students had the chance to vote between two snack choices based on nutrition facts, ingredients, taste, and function — incorporating their preferences as well as nutrition literacy.

One goal was to educate students on exactly what makes a complete, healthy snack — including how combining a protein with a high-quality complex carbohydrate helps fuel activities on the practice fields and in the classroom. 
“This works for both pre and post workout or practice — which is important to show grab-and-go options that will support academics as well as sports performance,” said Gianna Masi, Brunswick’s nutritionist. 

Students learned how to read and understand nutrition labels, and how to use that information to select snacks that will better power their busy days. 

They also had the chance to sample a no-added-sugar protein smoothie and entered a raffle to win gift cards to local healthy eateries. 

“Overall, the event was a resounding success,” Masi said. “The students were fully engaged and actively participated in our wellness event, demonstrating a strong commitment to their overall health and well-being. It demonstrated the students' strong commitment and curiosity.

“The Health & Wellness team at Brunswick is committed to initiatives that are evidence based and practical in moving student mind and body performance to the next highest level.” 



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