Science Students Earn Honors at State Fair

Upper School science students collected a passel of awards at the 74th annual Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair.

Award winners were named during a YouTube livestream awards ceremony on Saturday, March 19. 

Normally held at Quinnipiac University, the fair was held virtually March 7–19.

Here’s the full list of award winners:
James O’Connor ’24 and Whip Gorman ’24
Identification and purification of algal supplements as a means to reduce methane production with ruminants
  • PepsiCo Life Sciences Awards — 2nd Place; Life Sciences Senior High Team
  • Environmental Sciences Awards — HS Finalist – CSF Medallion
  • 1st Honors
Jack Morningstar ’24 and Sebastian DeAngelis ’24
Utilizing the mycorrhizal relationship between plants as a biological control to prevent insect invasion and disease in plant populations
  • Pepsico Life Sciences Awards — Finalist; Life Sciences Senior High Team — CSF Medallion
  • 1st Honors
Campbell Officer ’24 and Henry Sorbaro ’24
Determining the optimal concentration of nitrogen in fertilizer by examining wheat samples with NIR spectroscopy
  • PepsiCo Life Sciences Awards — Finalist; Life Science Senior High Team — CSF Medallion
  • Environmental Sciences Awards — HS Finalist; CSF Medallion
  • 1st Honors
Robert MacNaughton ’24 and Michael Yeager ’24
Thermal desalination: A more efficient and sustainable alternative to reverse osmosis
  • EnergizeCT Future Sustainability Awards — 2nd Place High School 
  • Stockholm Junior Water Prize — Certificate
  • The William M. Mack, AIA Award — CT Architecture Foundation
  • 2nd Honors
Ryan Kulsakdinun ’23
Optimization of sleep cycle by activation of parasympathetic nervous system using low-frequency vibrations and heart rate variability analysis
  • Stanley Black & Decker Applied Technology Awards — Senior High Finalist; Medallion
  • 2nd Honors
Jackson Wolfram ’23  and Tomas Delgado ’23
A comparative analysis of the presence of microplastics in soil and rainwater between rural areas, urban areas, and areas adjacent to trash burning facilities
  • American Meteorological Society — Certificate
  • 2nd Honors
Collin Eschricht ’23 and Hunter Spiess ’23
Metal-mediated electromagnetic radiation: Effects on chlorophyll production and overall growth of Medicago sativa
  • Environmental Sciences Awards — HS Finalist; CSF Medallion
  • 3rd Honors
Cole Cline ’24
White-Nose Syndrome: A study of UV light on propagation and growth rate of a proxy for Pseudogymnoascus destructans
  • 3rd Honors
Luke Dougherty ’24
Comparing the effectiveness of chemically derived chitin v. protease-derived chitin in increasing plant growth in low water areas
  • 2nd Honors
Casey Quinson ’24 and Connor Choy ’24
Utilization of recycled materials as an efficient insulator for power-distribution lines
  • 3rd Honors
Trip Williams ’23 and Teddy Danforth ’23
Production and purification of luciferase via bacterial transformation: An effort to create a self-sustaining light cube
  • 2nd Honors
Jackson Fels ’23 and William Klein ’23
A comparative analysis of denitrifying bioreactors as an abatement of heightened nitrous oxide levels
  • 2nd Honors
Henry Ferguson ’24 and Thomas Pope ’24
Microbial fuel cells: Generation of clean energy by electrogenic bacteria
  • 2nd Honors



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