Distinguished Seniors Earn Special Recognition

A host of Brunswick seniors were honored with distinguished awards at a virtual, pre-recorded ceremony on Monday, May 17. 

Upper School science teacher Oliver Bierman-Lytle served as the keynote speaker, as chosen by the Class of 2021. 

Bierman-Lytle focused his remarks on two experiences he had after graduating from Kenyon College in 2010 — an internship in Abu Dhabi to learn more about sustainable development and an opportunity to work on a marine biology conservation survey while living on a boat in Singapore.

Each helped him realize that he didn’t need to have every step of his life completely mapped out in front of him — and that it was normal to be unsure of himself and to make mistakes along the way.

“By getting out in the world and trying new things, saying yes to opportunities, and forming new relationships, you learn more about yourself and what makes you happy,” said Bierman-Lytle, who has been teaching biology and other science electives at Brunswick since arriving in 2014. 

“You do not need to experience everything in the world; you simply need to learn from all of your experiences.” 

He offered the Class of 2021 — a group of young men he bonded with as an advisor, teacher, football and sailing coach, and Vermont campus chaperone — one final piece of advice.

“I encourage you to enjoy every moment you have with your classmates over the summer and when you return for vacations, and know that even as people start to move away and spend less time together, the world is an incredibly small place,” he said.
“Your place in each other’s lives has the power to bring you back together at a moment’s notice.”

Cum Laude Certificates*:    Harrison A. Azrak, Andrew C. Casturo-Burnette, Jackson J. DaPuzzo, Luke W. Hayes, Jamison V. Hesser, and Colin B. Mulshine

Theater Award:    Luke W. Hayes

Simpson Choral Award:    Jonathan A. Citron

Randolph Band Award:    Keegan E. Gilsenan

Visual Arts Award:    Oliver R. McGovern

Everett Prize for English:    Rafael G. Sconzo

R. Scott Tucker Senior Essay Prize:    Julian P. Trahanas

Bouffier Foreign Language Prize:    Jonathan A. Citron

Senior Classics Award:    Jeffrey D. Matthews

John Van Atta History Prize:    Joshua W. Paul

Stephen A. Duennebier Social Sciences Award:    Jamison V. Hesser

McKinnon Global Studies Award:    Jackson J. Dapuzzo

Thomas A. Shields Mathematics Award:    Ali Hindy

AAPT Science Award:    Harrison A. Azrak

Alan M. Turing Prize for Computer Science:    Ali Hindy

Gus Conrades ’86 Varsity Athletic Awards:    Ali Hindy, John F. Michalik, and Colin B. Mulshine

Robert G. Sampson Prize:    Coulter J. Mackesy
*Cum Laude members joined earlier inductees and classmates William A. Berkley, Jonathan A. Citron, Thomas J. Fouts, Ali Hindy, Noah G. Levi, John F. Michalik, and Joshua W. Paul. 

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