‘Love Better’: Upper Schoolers Discuss Relationship Health

A national nonprofit with a mission to educate young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships brought its message to Upper Schoolers in a joint assembly with Greenwich Academy on Monday, April 26.

One Love Foundation, created in the wake of the murder of University of Virginia senior and lacrosse standout Yeardley Love, offered a 40-minute, virtual presentation aimed at beginning the conversation around relationship health. 

“One hundred percent of us are in relationships,” said Michael Harley, One Love engagement coordinator.

“Romantic relationships, relationships with family members, friends: We can learn how to love better,” he said. 

Harley reviewed 10 signs of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, and worked to lay the groundwork for conversation. After the presentation, students had an opportunity for small-group discussions.

“Our goal is to bring these conversations out,” Harley said. “We want more people to be talking about healthy and unhealthy relationships; more people talking about what unhealthy relationships look like; and more people talking about what we can do.”
Tucker Hastings, Brunswick's dean of student life, opened the assembly.

“Despite the chaos of the past 14 months, this is actually the second time in two years we have come together as a joint Upper School community to discuss healthy relationships,” he said. “A testament, I think, to our schools’ shared understanding about the importance of this topic.” 

Jill Riverain, assistant head of the Upper School at GA, welcomed Harley back to the community.
“GA and Brunswick have a long-standing relationship with One Love, an organization dedicated to helping young people recognize trusting, respectful relationships, as well as the warning signs that something might be going wrong,” she said.

“The important message of One Love is of vital importance to all of us.”

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