Upper School Math Team Finishes First in Competition

Brunswick’s Upper School math team took first place in the fourth and fifth matches of this year’s six-match Fairfield County Math League season, held virtually on January 6 and February 3. 
Thirty public and private schools in Fairfield County participated in the competition. 
Seniors Will Berkley and Ali Hindy; sophomores William Ewald and Hunter Wu; and freshmen Ajay Bagaria and Andrew Tu led the Bruins to victory in the first match. 
Competitions consist of six increasingly challenging rounds, beginning with arithmetic and moving toward algebra, geometry and, ultimately, calculus.
Despite the virtual nature of the matches amid the pandemic, Brunswick Mathematics Chair Michael Allwood said the integrity of the tests is as strong as ever. And students said the quality of questions is on par with last year.
“Although it hasn’t been perfect — because if you ask anyone I think we’d rather be back in that Wilton High cafeteria — we’ve still been able to have a great experience,” Berkley said. 
“We still run practice all the time, the matches have been very competitive, and there’s a lot of integrity in the league. There’s a shared sense this is something we enjoy, and people are aware this is something that can be lost really quickly.”

Freshman Thomas Ewald joined the A-team for the second match victory on Wednesday, February 3.

    • TOP Ajay Bagaria ’24, Will Berkley ’21, and William Ewald ’23 BOTTOM Ali Hindy ’21, Andrew Tu ’24, and Hunter Wu ’23

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