Distinguished Seniors Earn Special Recognition

Brunswick faculty recognized members of the Class of 2020 for achievements in academics, athletics, arts, and service to others in a unique, digital Senior Awards Ceremony on May 20.

“You seniors have had a challenging spring to say the least,” said Headmaster Thomas Philip as he opened the ceremony. “May 20 was to be your graduation day, but world events conspired against that plan, and yet you remained strong.”

“The bottom line is there is no amount of change that will alter how strongly we feel about you, about your achievements, and about the Class of 2020,” Philip said. “No one and nothing is going to stop us from recognizing the members of Brunswick Class of 2020. So in today’s Senior Awards Ceremony, we are going to begin that process of recognition.”

Here’s the full list of award winners.

Cum Laude Certificates*:
Nicholas L. Dow
Ryan W. Heinzerling
Clayton L. Ostrover
Michael J. T. Pastore
Kyle G. Raker
Bernard Zoungrana
Theater Award:
Adam Z. Morris
Nicholas D. Winegardner
Simpson Choral Award:
Zachary J. Russell
Randolph Band Award:
Gabriel S. Mehra
Visual Arts Award:
Michael L. Mauricio
Everett Prize For English:
Ryan W. Heinzerling
R. Scott Tucker Senior Essay Prize:
James D. Griffin
Bouffier Foreign Language Prize:
Nadjingar S. Ngbokoli
Senior Classics Award:
Kamil M. Salame
McKinnon Global Studies Award:
Carlos G. Flores
John Van Atta History Prize:
Kamil M. Salame
Stephen A. Duennebier Social Sciences Award:
Nicholas C. Wolanske
Thomas A. Shields Mathematics Award:
Kevin H. Tu
AAPT Science Award:
Nicholas L. Dow
Alan M. Turing Prize for Computer Science:
Nicholas L. Dow
Gus Conrades ’86 Varsity Athletic Awards:
Alexander M. Burdick
Henry B. Foster
Clayton L. Ostrover
Kevonne N. Wilder
Robert G. Sampson Prize:
Kevonne N. Wilder
*Cum Laude members joined earlier inductees and classmates Maron Salame, Justin Cheng, Nick Wolanske, Kevin Tu, and Jamie Meindl.


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