Food Bank Reaches Greenwich First-Responder Milestone

The Brunswick Food Bank delivered 46 bags of food to the six Greenwich firehouses on April 16, with more deliveries set for April 17 to Greenwich Hospital and to Greenwich police.

“Words cannot adequately explain how truly touched and emotional the men and women at the firehouses were,” said Johnny Montanez, Brunswick director of community service. “We cannot thank the Brunswick community enough for the support of this food program. Your actions have assured them that they are not alone in this fight.”

Montanez called the outpouring of support for Greenwich First Responders “fantastic.”

He requested that, if you haven’t already donated, to please consider doing so.

Donations are being accepted at Pettengill Gymnasium, 116 Maple Ave., 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Leave your donation in front of the main door of the Pettengill building (116 Maple Ave). Staff will bring items inside the gym throughout the day.

“Every bit helps,” Montanez said. “Thank you for working together to show appreciation to those who are on the front line.

“My daughter, Ruby, created a household slogan that I share with you today: ‘Together is another way To-Get-Through, so together, we can all get through this.’”

New, safer drop-off instructions!
Please leave donations in the entryway outside the front door. No need to wait for staff, who will retrieve donations and move them to storage several times a day.

Donate these items:
Shelf Stable Milk/
2% Milk
Canned fish: tuna/sardines/salmon
Shelf Stable Milk Alternatives/Soy, Almond, Rice
Canned Meat
Gluten Free Bread/Foods
Toilet Paper
Canned Vegetables
Canned Fruit in water
Paper Towels
Canned Stew
Granola Bars
Children’s Wipes
Canned Soup
Popcorn Kernels
Natural Sweeteners
Peanut Butter/
Soy Butter
100% Fruit Juice
Herbs and Spices
Biodegradable Bags
Instant Mashed Potatoes
Cooking Oil

QUESTIONS? Contact Johnny Montanez (

Thank you so much! Take care and stay safe.




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