Remote Learning: ‘Here We Go!’

Day #1 of remote learning is in the history books, and reports from the new, digital classroom signal that the connection is good — remarkably good — so far.
Faculty, parents, staff, and students went all-in to make the day a huge success, with attendance schoolwide coming close to a record-breaking 100 percent.
Students from the Pre School on up began the day with warm greetings from their Division Heads.
From there, Bruins from Pre through Upper School “Zoomed” on through the day, meeting in online classrooms, tackling offline projects assigned by their teachers, and even finding time to exercise and help out around the house.
“While, obviously, not the same, I have to say it was really, really good to connect (even if virtually) with so many of you again,” Brunswick Headmaster Tom Philip wrote in an email. “Here we go!”
Faculty brought their very best into their new, digital classrooms, and along with that some swiftly acquired digital skills.
“Our first official day of remote learning went swimmingly well,” said Brunswick Director of Technology Sunil Gupta. “The faculty has, very creditably, used their spring break to prepare exhaustively and anticipate, with the help of tech support, potential problems with remote learning.”

“As such, they were, for the most part, able to deliver content cleanly and confidently,” Gupta said.
In her greeting, Pre School head Gina Hurd told ’Wick’s youngest to think about citizenship — one of the pillars of the Brunswick character continuum.
“That’s a long word that asks a lot of us,” she told the boys. “You’re asked to do good things good things for yourself, good things for your family, good things for your friends, your community, your school, and really right now, for our world. We, as a Brunswick community, are really going to try hard to be good citizens.
“You are being asked to start that today,” she said.
It was likewise at the Lower School, where Head Katie Signer said that, even though everyone is apart, they’re still longing for connection — and finding it.
“Everybody is heavy-hearted, and yet it’s also a time when I think everybody has risen to the challenge — faculty, parents, and students alike,” Signer said.
Signer had special messages for boys in her morning greeting.
“Brunswick boys work hard and try their best,” she told them. “We expect that from you as you sit down to do your work today.”
“Brunswick boys ask for help,” she said, adding: “You are not alone.”
“Brunswick boys are kind and respectful,” she said. “When you are at home, we expect the same.”
“We pitch in,” she said. “We help one another!”
The Middle School community is also throwing all its enthusiasm at building community in the digital realm.
“So far, so good!” Middle School Head Rob Follansbee told faculty as he summed up the day in an email, offering gratitude for hard work in a challenging environment.
“Thank you for throwing everything you have into this!”

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