Important Update from Brunswick School

Dear Brunswick School and Greenwich Academy communities,

We wanted to update you once again regarding a lawsuit brought by a GA alumna and her family against Brunswick in August 2018. The suit centered on Brunswick’s response to allegations about sexual misconduct involving a Brunswick student and a GA student that occurred off-campus during Summer 2016. We are pleased to announce the lawsuit has been resolved. The resolution came as the result of a collaborative process involving Brunswick School, Greenwich Academy, and the family, and it allows everyone to move forward in a positive and productive manner.

We want to emphasize here that the lawsuit was not about whether or not the allegations were true—no one concluded that anyone lied about allegations of misconduct—but rather centered on different perceptions of the appropriate process to be followed in such an instance. As is inevitable and entirely appropriate under such circumstances, both schools have spent over a year, both individually and collectively, reviewing the circumstances surrounding this event and its aftermath.

What have we learned? The schools have committed to a coordinated process in order to respond to sensitive issues—a process that is fair and transparent and protecting the rights of all students, whether accuser or accused. Last spring, we wrote to you about a new joint process between the schools for investigating potentially serious issues of misconduct involving students from both schools. The Coordinate Committee on Interpersonal Relations is comprised of faculty members from both schools and is intended to provide a mechanism for fact-finding in sensitive cases involving students from GA and Brunswick.

In addition to the establishment of this committee, we will of course continue to focus on prevention. To that end, we are pleased to announce a formal joint program on safe and healthy relationships. This program will include annual speakers for students and faculty and additional training for faculty and staff. The program will begin this spring with speakers addressing our seniors about sexual misconduct on college campuses in order to inform, prepare, and empower our graduating students. This initiative will enhance the existing offerings of both schools on important issues about citizenship, student health, mutually respectful relationships, legal responsibility, and safety.

In closing, we offer our deep appreciation to all in our coordinate communities for your shared priority of promoting safe and healthy relationships. We are committed to the positive growth and development of all of our students by providing a school culture that is wholly aligned with our mottos—Courage, Honor, Truth and Toward the Building of Character. We are profoundly grateful for your support and, of course, please reach out at any time if you have questions or concerns.

Thomas W. Philip

Thomas D. O'Malley, Jr. '85
Chair, Board of Trustees

Molly H. King
Head of School, Greenwich Academy

Timothy M. Armstrong
Chair, Board of Trustees, Greenwich Academy


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