Bruins Get ’Byte-Sized’ Exposure to Computer Science

The Hour of Code is back at Brunswick for 2019, giving ’Wick students across all divisions an opportunity to try their hand at critical digital skills of the 21st century.

’Wick first celebrated Hour of Code in December 2014. For the past six years, students and teachers have joined millions around the globe in completing an hour of coding activities designed to demystify computer science and demonstrate that anybody can learn the basics of computer programming.

At Brunswick, students are strengthening their computational-thinking and problem-solving skills using a variety of programming exercises with themes ranging from solving ecological issues to coding a dance party.

In the process, they learn valuable concepts relating to algorithms and information theory, while working collaboratively to complete engaging challenges.

“At ’Wick, we encourage all our students, across campuses, to try a byte-sized exposure to computer science education during this annual event, in the hope that it'll inspire them to someday pursue a career in this exciting and rewarding field,” said Brunswick Director of Technology Sunil Gupta.

Gupta reported positive feedback from students.

“‘So much fun,’ gushed a sophomore who’d shied away from computer science until now,” Gupta said. “‘Memorable and engaging. I loved learning SQL. It's awesome,’ said a junior who tried his hand at coding for the very first time.”

Promoted by the nonprofit, the Hour of Code is a one-hour introductory course aimed at giving every student in every school a chance to learn computer science.

In addition, tons of simple, easy-to-follow, grade-specific lessons are available for participants to use during National Computer Science Week (Dec. 9-15).

Feel free to also try your hand on any one of these free tutorials — made in collaboration with engineers from MIT, Microsoft, and Google — that will teach your family how to code.

Brunswick’s commitment to computer science education extends beyond this month’s Hour of Code events.

Beginning with the Class of 2023, all Upper Schoolers must now take a semester of coding — “Introduction to Computer Science” — as a requirement for graduation.

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