Funeral Services Set for Ike Dolphan ’21

The Dolphan family has announced services for Ike Dolphan ’21, who died October 1, at the age of 16, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Services will be held in the Bronx on October 25-27. For details on family services now formally planned, please click here.

Brunswick students and faculty gathered in Baker Theater on Thursday, Oct. 3, to honor Ike's life and spirit. 

The Brunswick community was joined at the memorial service by members of Ike’s family: His father, Isaac; his mother, Ivy, his brother, Ivan; and his grandmother, Caroline.
Headmaster Thomas W. Philip welcomed all in attendance with introductory remarks. 
“Ike’s passing disturbs our collective understanding of the right and true order of things — a young man such as Ike should not be taken from us this soon,” Philip said.
“Our lack of understanding and sadness, however, cannot diminish our love and admiration for Ike. Surely we have, in our sadness, much to be grateful for.
“My hope is that we can all reflect on our gratitude, and, in the end, be thankful for having someone like Ike — however briefly — as a part of our life and community.”
Cullen McMahon, on behalf of the faculty, reflected on Ike’s distinguished and memorable two years as a Brunswick student. 
“Ike loved Brunswick for all it offered — ‘His happy place’ was how he described
it,” McMahon recalled, as he shared stories of Ike from the Italian classroom, where he went by “Leonardo Ferrari”; from Mr. Mandes, who called Ike a “straight shooter”; and from his place among Brunswick’s finest “junk-food Olympians,” always scheming (with his smile) to have a steady stash of candy and chips on hand from the front desk. 
“Ike arrived only in ninth grade,” McMahon said, “and yet he was universally loved by all who knew him. He gave far more than he received.  
“Because Ike was good, and Ike was courageous, he never complained. Never. In this way, he was the model Brunswick boy who demonstrated through his actions the highest ideal of character. 
“He showed the way for the rest of us.”
Classmates and close friends William Morton ’21 and Brady Johnston ’21 shared the poems “The Master Speed” by Robert Frost and “To an Athlete Dying Young” by A. E. Housman.
The service concluded with prayers, led by the Reverend Thomas Nins, and singing of the Brunswick School Senior Hymn by the entire Upper School community. 

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