’Wick’s First Day Launches ‘Year for Others’

After members of the Class of 2020 processed hand-in-hand with first graders into Dann Gymnasium — a longtime First Day tradition — Headmaster Thomas W. Philip opened Brunswick’s 117th year by addressing the faculty and student body.
Philip’s message focused on Brunswick’s fundamental mission of preparing young men for life — and doing so in an age in which traditional expectations and roles for men are ever-changing, with more of an emphasis on empathy, patience, and modesty. 
“It seems to me that it is worth remembering that there is a softer and more reflective side to Brunswick — a side that seeks understanding alongside achievement, a side that aspires to Courage, Honor, and Truth but also tempers those harder edges with themes of self-deprecation, generosity of spirit, and empathy,” Philip said. 
Philip concluded by urging students and faculty to take advantage of their opportunities to make a difference in the world — opportunities, large and small, that are all around us. 

  • Sitting with someone we don’t know at lunch
  • Holding a door
  • Saying hello, offering a smile
  • Looking someone in the eye when you shake their hand
  • Congratulating someone from the other team after a game, when you win and especially when you lose.

“If you give yourself over to others, to a cause, or to a purpose bigger than yourself, then your life and your impact may know no limits,” he said. 
“Strive toward Courage, Honor, Truth, and Empathy. And together, let’s make it your, our, and Brunswick’s best year yet.”

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