Math Team Earns State Championship

Brunswick’s Middle School Math Team took top honors with a first-place finish at the Connecticut State MATHCOUNTS Championship at the University of Hartford on March 9. 
MATHCOUNTS is a coaching and competition program that brings to math achievement the same enthusiasm and prestige now enjoyed by athletics. Students are called “mathletes” and are rewarded for winning competitions at the school, area, state, and national levels.
’Wick’s team — comprised of Ajay Bagaria ’24, Glen Cahilly ’23, Thomas Ewald ’24, William Ewald ’23, Andrew Tu ’24, and Robert Ulmer ’24 — placed each of its six competitors within the Top 50 to combine for the championship and earn the title as best Middle School math team in Connecticut. 
“We have trained all year for this competition, and I could not be any prouder of their achievement,” said coach Kevin Landesman, who will lead the state’s top-4 finishers at the Nationals in May. “These amazing students should be congratulated and honored for their incredible success.”
Department Chair Michael Allwood added, “I just want to underline how significant this is for us as a department and for the school. The standard of math at the top levels is rising rapidly and very significantly, and what Kevin and his team have achieved can’t be surpassed.”
Glen Cahilly ’23: 5th Place 
Andrew Tu ’24: 7th Place 
William Ewald ’23: 20th Place 
Ajay Bagaria ’24: 28th Place 
Robert Ulmer ’24: 30th Place 
Thomas Ewald ’24: 48th Place 

    • FRONT Ajay Bagaria ’24, Glen Cahilly ’23, and Robert Ulmer ’24 BACK Thomas Ewald ’24, Andrew Tu ’24, William Ewald ’23, and coach Kevin Landesman

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