89th Annual Dinner Unites Dads & Sons

Corey Robinson learned to “pound the rock” at an early age. 
He learned to keep hammering away until he made a crack like his father, David — three-time Olympian, two-time NBA champion, and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer — did as a member of the Dream Team, the San Antonio Spurs, and in his life as a philanthropist and “man of dignity.” 
The younger Robinson — former student body president at Notre Dame and a varsity letterman in football — was the keynote speaker at Brunswick’s 89th Annual Father-Son Dinner, on Thursday, March 7.   
“At first, it was a burden to be the son of David Robinson,” Corey said. “But over time, I realized it was a blessing to be associated with someone like my dad, and to have the opportunity to build on his legacy.”
Corey is now following his passion for contemporary art as a business development associate at Sotheby's in New York City, after injuries derailed his promising football career.
“My dad encouraged me to find my own path and to pursue whatever I wanted to pursue,” he told the audience of more than 700 Brunswick fathers and sons.
“You all have the opportunity to do something great by building on your father’s existing legacy that he has worked so hard to lay for you. It’s up to you to pass the hammer on to the next generation and allow them to pound the rock.”
Robinson followed this year’s student speaker, Harry Barringer ’19, a two-sport varsity athlete in soccer and track, as well as a member of the JV hockey team. 
Barringer’s remarks focused on the role fathers, teachers, and coaches play in the development of boys into men — with a special focus on his own personal experience with his dad.
“As I grew up, I began to see my dad’s crazy work ethic, his ability to connect with people, and his immense love for my mom, my sister, and me,” Barringer said.
“Through watching my dad, I began to see how much rides on his shoulders and what it truly means to be a man.”
At Brunswick, too, Barringer has learned lifelong lessons — especially on the playing fields and on the ice. 
“From my teammates and coaches, I’ve learned to win and lose with dignity and to leave it all on the field,” he said. “I’ve learned about the power of fraternity and of boys being bound together in brotherhood. 
“To work and fight together — to have each other’s back and help each other up — is crucial in a boy’s development into a man.” 

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