Lower School Summer Reading

Dear Brunswick Parents,
It is hard to believe that the summer is almost here!  Thank you for sharing your children with me again this year.  We have had another wonderful year in the Lower School library.
Over the past thirty plus years of working in the field of children’s literature I have had the privilege of learning about the things that help people develop a lifelong reading habit.  I want to share some of that wisdom and advice with you.
    • Read aloud to your son as often as possible.  This is the single most important factor contributing to any child’s academic success.
    • Let your son see you reading regularly so that he values reading. 
    • Discuss books together.
    • Go to the public library and bookstores regularly with your son.
    • Do not force your son to read something that you like.  Instead, offer to help him find books and magazines that he finds interesting.
    • Do not worry if your son likes to read the same book over and over.  This is a normal stage in reading development for many children.  It is good to love a book!
    • Encourage your son to read anything - magazines, newspapers, road signs, cereal boxes, etc.  It is the habit of reading you want to instill in your son.
    •  Know that children often take “what to read” suggestions more easily from friends, teachers, librarians, bookstore employees, etc. than they do from their parents.  Do not feel insulted by this.  Simply continue to demonstrate to them that reading is part of your family life.
    • Reading is primarily a private activity of the imagination.  Allow the summer to be a time when that imagination can be encouraged at a slower, relaxed pace.  Imagination develops the best when given time and space!
I hope that you find these suggestions a good starting point from which you can jump into some great summer reading. Follow the links to the right for curated lists and recommendations. I hope you have a wonder-filled summer!
Keep reading and imagining,
Mrs. Joan Michie

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