Bruins Win Cup Race with Lawrenceville

Brunswick traveled to New Jersey to race Lawrenceville on Wednesday, and the Bruins earned a solid win in the Varsity Eight event to retain The Service Cup.
The 1st Eights were level off the start, but Brunswick slowly pulled away throughout the body of the 1500m race. The winning time was 4:29.3, with Lawrenceville a little less than a length back in 4:32.1.
Brunswick also won the 2nd Eight event by a similar margin. Brunswick's crew of JoJo Pasteelnick (coxswain), Colin Devine (stroke), Jake Murphy, George Kapp, Jack McEntire, Henry Putnam, Nick Citarella, Kiran Marsh, and Tyler Lugo (bow) rowed cleanly and led the race wire to wire. The Bruins finished in 4:45.3 with the Big Red 2.7 seconds back.
The afternoon of racing began with two incredibly close races in the 3rd and 4th Eights. In both races, Lawrenceville led by a small margin with Brunswick surging to the line. The Big Red was declared the winner in both races by only a seat or two.
The races took place on Mercer Lake, the site of many collegiate national championship regattas. The day marked Brunswick's fourth race in a 12-day stretch. Brunswick will travel to Fairfield Prep to defend the Kulaga Cup on Saturday, April 29. 
    • Brunswick 1st Eight with The Service Cup: (l to r) Coach Martin, Justin Guo, Scott Raissis, Campbell Officer, Jimmy Cabot, Lucas Tan, Henry Andren, Reed Eddy, Ruffin Bryant, and Sam Subramaniam

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