Brunswick Falls to Exeter's Depth

Brunswick swimming lost to a very talented, well-coached Exeter team on Saturday afternoon by a score of 97 to 88. The meet was one of the closest competitions we've been involved with as a program, and the final event decided the outcome of the meet. Exeter withstood our challenge, won the last relay, and won the meet.
In a meet where 'Wick boys won nine of the eleven swimming events, Exeter won the meet due to a significant diving cohort and sheer depth as a program. 
'Wick boys won the following events:
200 Medley Relay: (Michalik ‘23, Mullen, ‘23 Wu ‘24, C. Ohl’26)
200 Individual Medley: Ben Wu ‘24
200 Freestyle: Ryan Ohl ‘24
50 Freestyle: Patchy Mullen ‘23
100 Butterfly: Ben Wu ‘24
100 Freestyle: Ryan Ohl ‘24
200 Freestyle Relay: Mullen ‘23, Morningstar ’24, Wu ‘24, R. Ohl ‘24)
100 Backstroke: Peter Michalik ‘23
100 Breaststroke: Patchy Mullen ‘23
We outscored Exeter 86 to 84 in the swimming events; their divers outscored us 13 to 2. 
It is the first loss for the program since January 28, 2017 - a span of 50 consecutive dual meet wins. While winning streaks are fun, losing helps reshape the focus of the program. In many regards, this loss will help us improve as a team. 
We are so proud of the effort of all of our boys. 
It's back to the drawing board, and it's time to get back to work beginning a new streak. 

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