Bruins Win Prep National Lacrosse Tournament

Four of the top-ranked lacrosse programs in the nation competed in the newly-created Prep Nationals lacrosse tournament at Brunswick on May 20 and 22 — with the hosts taking the title with a 12-6 victory against Lawrenceville on Sunday. 

Heading into the inaugural event, Brunswick (15-1) ranked second in the nation, followed by Lawrenceville at No. 4, Salisbury at No. 8, and Deerfield at No. 12. 

On Friday night, the Bruins avenged their only loss of the season by defeating Salisbury, 11-7, after jumping out to a six-goal lead in the first half. Hunter Spiess played strong on-ball defense and off the ground; Chris Gaine had a three-goal performance; and Luke Schlank was solid in between the pipes, making some big saves in the first half. 

Brunswick returned to Cosby Field on a stifling hot Sunday afternoon and outlasted the visitors from Lawrenceville to win the tournament championship. 

The game was tight early, as the two squads exchanged goals throughout the first quarter. 
But the Bruins — who tallied 25 ground balls to Lawrenceville’s 10 — began working offensive possession late into the shot clock, cleared the ball efficiently, and played sound team defense to begin pulling away as the game progressed. 

Head coach David Bruce called it his team’s most complete game of the season. 

Salisbury Stats:

G, A:
P. Anderson 1,0
H. Caponiti 1,0
W. Coale 1,0
C. Gaine 3,0
A. Greenspan 1,0
O. Guest 0,1
H. Hausmann 2,1
L. Hoffman 2,0
W. O'Connor 0,1

H. Spiess 6
A. Greenspan 6

Greenspan 13-22

L. Schlank 6-13

L’Ville Stats:

G, A:
P. Anderson 2,1
H. Caponiti 2,2
W. Coale 0,1
T. Delgado 3,0
C. Gaine 1,0
H. Hausmann 2,0
L. Hoffman 1,1
W. O'Connor 0,1
H. Spiess 1,0

A. Greenspan 5
L. Schlank 4
L. Michalik 3

A. Greenspan 14-20

L. Schlank 7-13

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