Track Team Wins FAA Championship

The Bruins took an early lead in the FAA Championships with a strong showing in the field events on Thursday, May 5, and held on to win on Monday in the running events and javelin.  

The early lead came from strong efforts from the following athletes:
Long Jump: 1st (Jalen Noisette) and 2nd (Khalil Eason)
Discus: 1st (Riley Gilsenan) and 2nd (John Burdett)
High Jump: 1st (Tristan Joseph) and 3rd (Tommy O'Connor)
Shot Put: 2nd (Will Janis) and 3rd (Michael Burton)

On the second day of the competition, the Bruins were led by medal places in the following events:
Javelin: 1st (Benet Polikoff) and 2nd (John Burdett)
4x100 Relay: 1st (Niki Sulkowski, Jaylen Johnson, Eason, Noisette)
110hh: 1st (Mac Brooks) and 2nd (Joseph)
300hh: 2nd (Nick Tchkotoua) and 3rd (Brooks)
100: 2nd (Eason)
3000: 2nd (Nathan Lee)
4x400: 2nd (Brooks, Blaine McClure, Tchkotoua, Caleb Boateng)

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