Brunswick Wins FAA Squash Tournament

Brunswick topped Hopkins in the finals of the second-annual FAA Tournament in the Stephens Squash Center on Monday, 6-1. Ahead of the win over the Hilltoppers, the Bruins dispatched Rye CDS in a semifinal, 7-0. Brunswick won the inaugural FAA Tournament last year, besting Hopkins 5-2.
The top-seeded Bruins and second-seed Hilltoppers both earned byes into the semifinals of the six-team tournament.
In the opening round on Friday, Rye CDS advance to the semifinals with a 7-0 win over St. Luke’s, as Greens Farms topped King by a similar 7-0 score to reach the other semifinal.
On the Monday semifinals, the Bruins knocked off Rye CDS (7-0), while the Hilltoppers swept past the Dragons (7-0) to set-up the championship match.
Brunswick Results:
Final: Brunswick (6) vs. Hopkins (1)
#1. (R) Gonzalo De La Mora def. (H) Tad Carney ([6],[10],6,5,8)
#2. (B) David Beeson def. (H) Nick Wilkinson (9,1,[6],10)
#3. (B) Andrew Aube def. (H) Kit Illick (3,5,[10],7)
#4. (B) Warren Klein def. (H) C. Burton Lyng-Olsen (6,3,7)
#5. (B) Will McLaren def. (H) Ethan Yan (14,9,6)
#6. (B) Caleb Boateng def. (H) Craigin Maloney (3,3,4)
#7. (B) Walter Huffman def. (H) Ian Dailis (2,7,8)
Semifinal: Brunswick (7) vs. Rye CDS (0)
#1. (B) Andrew Aube def. (R) James O'Connor (6,4,8)
#2. (B) Warren Klein def. (R) William Murphy (8,2,4)
#3. (B) Will McLaren def. (R) Ben Mathias (11,[4],2,8)
#4. (B) Caleb Boateng def. (R) Andrew Felton (7,3,1)
#5. (B) Walter Huffman def. (R) Causey Green (5,2,2)
#6. (B) Ali Hindy def. (R) Raif Shah (3,4,6)
#7. (B) Ryan Kulsakdinun def. (R) Henry Featherston (3,2,3)

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