Swim Team Moves to 6-0

Brunswick moved to 6-0 on the season after posting a 97-75 road win over Hotchkiss. The Bruins won 11 of 12 events. Brunswick has a pair of head to head contests in early February before competing at a trio of championship events.
Brunswick Results
200 Medley Relay
1st Lucas Hodgson, Alex Hazlett, Marcus Hodgson, Patrick Mullen 1:35.58
1st Gavin Molloy 1:49.79
2nd Michael O'Malley
4th Luke Apostolides
200 IM
1st Max Meissner 1:57.48
2nd Gavin West
3rd Patrick Mullen
1st Marcus Hodgson 21.37
2nd Alex Hazlett
1st Wells Faulstich
2nd Charlie Sfreddo
2nd Max Meissner 54.72
3rd Jake Charney
1st Marcus Hodgson 48.03
2nd  Gavin West
1st Lucas Hodgson 4:44.41
3rd Luke Apostolides
200 FR Relay 1:31.15
1st Gavin Molloy, Michael O'Malley, Gavin West, Patrick Mullen
100Bk (non-scoring)
1st Lucas Hodgson 54.02
2nd JP Ohl
3rd Alex Morgan
100BR (non-scoring)
1st Alex Hazlett 1:00.98
T-2nd Patchy Mullen
400FR Relay 3:18.57 (non-scoring)
1st Marcus Hodgson, Lucas Hodgson, Alex Hazlett, Michael O'Malley

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