Wrestling’s 22-Year FAA Winning Streak Ends

Brunswick’s remarkable run of 22 consecutive FAA Championships ended on Saturday at Greens Farms, as the host school bested the Bruins in the final dual match of the day, 45-33. Prior to that match, the Bruins defeated Rye CDS (84-0), Hopkins (61-13) and Hamden Hall (78-6).
Ahead of the setback to Greens Farms, Brunswick won 91-straight FAA dual matches over the past 22 years, held during the annual league-wide championship. The Bruins last league loss was to Hopkins in 1997.
Seven Bruins earned All-FAA accolades, led by Chris Perry’s third-straight All-FAA nod. Luca Errico is a two-time winner (2019) along with Clayton Ostrover (2018). Nick Bell, a two-time All-FAA winner, was an honorable mention selection this year. Nadjingar Ngbokoli, Alex Burdick and Ciff Belknap are each first-time All-FAA award winners.
Against the Dragons, the Bruins took a 24-9 lead with three pins and a forfeit victory after six matches. Bell (160), Burdick (170) and Ostrover (220) each picked up pin-fall victories, while Belknap (285) won by forfeit.
Greens Farms collected 30 straight points with five-straight pins to build an impressive lead (39-24) with three events to go. Perry (138) halted the scoring run by the Dragons with a tie-breaker win, as Errico (145) picked up a pin-win to cap the Brunswick scoring. Greens Farms posted a pinfall victory in the final match to secure the 12-point win.
Brunswick (15-2) wraps up its regular season at Trinity-Pawling on Saturday, February 1.

Greens Farms Academy (GFA) 45.0 Brunswick School (BRSC) 33.0
160: Nick Bell (BRSC) over Kevin Kuryla (GFA) (Fall 1:52)
170: Michael Bartush (GFA) over Nadjingar (Nadj) Ngbokoli (BRSC) (Fall 1:26)
182: Alex Burdick (BRSC) over Noah Bachner (GFA) (Fall 2:31)
195: Soren Morrison (GFA) over Andrew Shaffer (BRSC) (Dec 4-2)
220: Clayton Ostrover (BRSC) over Johnny Jackson (GFA) (Fall 2:30)
285: Cliff Belknap (BRSC) over   (GFA) (Forfeit)
106: Caleb Seyfried (GFA) over Kyle Pagnani (BRSC) (Fall 3:38)
113: Christopher (CJ) Shea (GFA) over Enzo Vera (BRSC) (Fall 0:19)
120: Ronnie Christolin (GFA) over Michael Accetta (BRSC) (Fall 0:22)
126: Nico Provo (GFA) over William MacGillivray (BRSC) (Fall 0:57)
132: Aiden Hebert (GFA) over Jojo McCurdy (BRSC) (Fall 1:32)
138: Chris Perry (BRSC) over Justin Mastroianni (GFA) (TB-1 2-0)
145: Luca Errico (BRSC) over Neil Gawande (GFA) (Fall 0:23)
152: Peter Kane (GFA) over Will Donovan (BRSC) (Fall 2:42)
Brunswick School (BRSC) 84.0 Rye Country Day School (RCDS) 0.0
138: Chris Perry (BRSC) over   (RCDS) (Forfeit)
145: Luca Errico (BRSC) over Robert Fox (RCDS) (Fall 1:39)
152: Nick Bell (BRSC) over Cesar Morales (RCDS) (Fall 1:38)
160: Christopher Santoro (BRSC) over Nolan James (RCDS) (Fall 1:22)
170: Nadjingar (Nadj) Ngbokoli (BRSC) over Tyvaughn Jones (RCDS) (Fall 0:49)
182: Alex Burdick (BRSC) over Brooks Sleeper (RCDS) (Fall 1:16)
195: Clayton Ostrover (BRSC) over Ahmed Suliman (RCDS) (Fall 0:58)
220: Michael Neviera (BRSC) over Sean Smith (RCDS) (Fall 2:57)
285: Cliff Belknap (BRSC) over   (RCDS) (Forfeit)
106: Kyle Pagnani (BRSC) over   (RCDS) (Forfeit)
113: Enzo Vera (BRSC) over   (RCDS) (Forfeit)
120: Michael Accetta (BRSC) over   (RCDS) (Forfeit)
126: William MacGillivray (BRSC) over   (RCDS) (Forfeit)
132: Greer Sconzo (BRSC) over   (RCDS) (Forfeit)

Brunswick School (BRSC) 61.0 Hopkins School (HOSC) 13.0
152: Will Donovan (BRSC) over Gunnar DeSantis (HOSC) (MD 10-2)
160: Pearson Hill (HOSC) over Nick Bell (BRSC) (MD 11-3)
170: Nadjingar (Nadj) Ngbokoli (BRSC) over Cooper Bucklan (HOSC) (Fall 3:23)
182: Alex Burdick (BRSC) over Ethan Evans (HOSC) (Fall 3:23)
195: Clayton Ostrover (BRSC) over Brandon Smith (HOSC) (Fall 4:23)
220: Michael Neviera (BRSC) over Charlie Wich (HOSC) (Fall 5:59)
285: Cliff Belknap (BRSC) over   (HOSC) (Forfeit)
106: Kyle Pagnani (BRSC) over Jonathan Leite (HOSC) (Fall 0:48)
113: Enzo Vera (BRSC) over Charlie Fisher (HOSC) (Dec 6-3)
120: Samuel Rivera (HOSC) over Michael Accetta (BRSC) (Dec 4-1)
126: William MacGillivray (BRSC) over Daniel Barber (HOSC) (Fall 1:05)
132: Dominic Roberts (HOSC) over Jojo McCurdy (BRSC) (Fall 2:58)
138: Chris Perry (BRSC) over Hudson Berk (HOSC) (Fall 0:44)
145: Luca Errico (BRSC) over   (HOSC) (Forfeit)
Brunswick School (BRSC) 78.0 Hamden Hall Country Day School (HHCD) 6.0
145: Luca Errico (BRSC) over   (HHCD) (Forfeit)
152: Nick Bell (BRSC) over Max Fuoco (HHCD) (Fall 0:20)
160: Connor Massey (HHCD) over Christopher Santoro (BRSC) (Fall 2:27)
170: Nadjingar (Nadj) Ngbokoli (BRSC) over   (HHCD) (Forfeit)
182: Alex Burdick (BRSC) over   (HHCD) (Forfeit)
195: Clayton Ostrover (BRSC) over   (HHCD) (Forfeit)
220: Michael Neviera (BRSC) over   (HHCD) (Forfeit)
285: Cliff Belknap (BRSC) over Dimitri Ratner (HHCD) (Fall 0:46)
106: Kyle Pagnani (BRSC) over Andrew Kortmansky (HHCD) (Fall 0:22)
113: Enzo Vera (BRSC) over   (HHCD) (Forfeit)
120: Michael Accetta (BRSC) over   (HHCD) (Forfeit)
126: William MacGillivray (BRSC) over Jack Fuoco (HHCD) (Fall 2:47)
132: Jojo McCurdy (BRSC) over   (HHCD) (Forfeit)
138: Chris Perry (BRSC) over   (HHCD) (Forfeit)

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