Sailing Finishes Fourth at NESSA Team Racing Championship

Brunswick reached the finals of the NESSA Team Racing Championship for the first time, as the Bruins finished a program-best fourth overall. The two-day event held in Portland, Maine, wrapped-up on Sunday, completes the sailing season for Brunswick.
The Bruins brought seven sailors to Maine, as Leyton Borcherding, Will George and William Michels each skippered the C420 boats. Chris Ramos, Carlos Flores, Angus Manion and Ryan Heinzerling all worked as crew.
In team racing, two schools compete at once, sailing three boats apiece. A winning team is determined by the combined results of all three boats in the race.
The Bruins reached the finals following a top-four finish on Saturday against seven other schools. Brunswick finished with a 6-1 mark in the opening round, followed by a 1-6 record in the second round on Saturday. The 7-7 finish tied the Bruins with St. George’s for third place, as Hotchkiss (9-5) and Tabor (12-2) each advanced to the finals on Sunday.
Maintaining the opening day results in the finals, the Bruins posted an 0-3 result in the third round, as St. George’s went 3-0. After the third round, Tabor (14-3) clinched the overall title, as second-place Hotchkiss (10-7) was four wins off the pace with three races to go in the final round. St. George’s (10-7) held a three-win lead over Brunswick (7-10) for third.
In the final round, the Bruins beat all three teams to finish with an overall 10-10 record. St. George’s (11-9) picked up a win over Tabor to hold on to third place. Tabor finished with a 14-6 mark to win the Presidents Cup, while Hotchkiss held on to second place with a 12-8 overall mark.

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